“Sex, Love & Time Travel” At The Raven Playhouse

Stephanie Ortiz.

Stephanie Ortiz.

Five original one-acts include time travel to the Stone Age, a virgin visiting a prostitute and a laundry room love affair. Written by Daniel B. Weisman and with various directors, these plays are well-acted but mediocre, with the exception of two.  
The shortest and most bizarre is “The Flasher.” Directed by Danny Grossman, a couple in the dark is audibly making love, when a flash goes off. The girl (Elyssa Dyan) is obsessed with taking photos with her digital camera of men’s faces in their most intense moment. The lights come on and the girl shows the man (Alex Tomkiw) her other photos of recent lovers with detailed description. The man, fed up, tells her he’ll be out of town for a while, and says, “Take my photo” but slams the door before the flash goes off.
The best written and best acted is “The Bridge,” directed by Sarah Kelly. Two lost souls on a bridge are determined to jump off. Ken (a well-cast Justin Orkin) and Claire (an intense Stephanie Ortiz) think they have valid reasons for ending it all. Ken is 36, a classical music composer, a graduate of Julliard and thinks he’s a failure. No one wants music sounding more like Mozart than John Cage. He asks Claire if she has an incurable disease. At 27, she can’t find love but wants to nest. However, she can’t have children. After asking what he will miss most, he imagines a cup of coffee, and injects a glimmer of hope.

“Sex, Love & Time Travel” is at The Raven Playhouse (5233 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA). Performances are Fridays-Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 7pm, ending June 28th. For reservations or to order tickets, call (323) 960-1054.


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