“Singing the Song of Life: One Woman’s Symphony”

Love life! Debra Beryle (author) www.SingingTheSongOfLife.com.

Love life! Debra Beryle (author) www.SingingTheSongOfLife.com.

Debra Beryle is a new author. In fact, this is her first book. She is simply a woman who has succeeded in life despite many adversities. In the face of failures, she has always been able to pull herself up “by her bootstraps.” When asked if she is writing another book, Debra responded, “No. I was never a writer before but you never know.” April of 2004, I had a dream that woke me in the middle of the night, and I knew I was destined to write this book. It’s my memoir on everyday survival as an independent woman.” I asked Debra how long it took to write the book and she replied, “Five and a half years.”
Each chapter of her book begins with a title from a popular song which relates to an episode in her life and the lesson she learned from it. This is Beryle’s strength, not ever letting bad things that occur in her life keep her down. Throughout the years, she fought back and succeeded. Until now, her life is complete and fulfilled. Debra finally found happiness with her third husband, Ari. I asked her how long they have been married. Debra’s happy answer was: “We’ve been married going on thirteen years—it’s a record! I never ever thought it would happen.”
Debra is a self-motivated and successful businesswoman full of life and humor. Her book reveals everything good and bad that happened to her throughout her fifty years in the hopes that it will bring inspiration to those who read it. Debra told me, “I became a real estate broker in ‘93; I had four careers, not just jobs but real careers.” However, she is not afraid to admit her failures and is delighted to be able to end her book on a happy “note.”
You can meet this valiant lady in person as she arrives in the Los Angeles area on her book signing tour which begins Friday, December 4th at the Grove inside of Chico’s. Saturday, December 5th, you can find her at the Beverly Center inside of the Wave. And Sunday, December 6th, she will finalize her tour in Los Angeles at Borders Book Store in Valencia.


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