“Sleeping Beauty” Makes for Happily Ever Afternoons

The fairytale cast of Glendale Centre Theatre’s “Sleeping Beauty.”

The fairytale cast of Glendale Centre Theatre’s “Sleeping Beauty.”

On Saturdays, the best place to take your budding baby princess or your soon-to-be dragon-slaying prince for a real-life, up-close adventure with fairies, a talking horse, kings, queens and, of course, an enchantment or two is to Glendale Centre Theatre’s production of “Sleeping Beauty.” This playful, colorful, interactive and musical interpretation of the classic bedtime story is a great reason to escape the TV’s evil spell, and introduce the next generation of audiences to live theatre.
The little ones are free to let their imaginations loose with magic wands and balloon swords before the show starts, and once the tale begins, they sit entranced as a quintet of fairies take the stage. Angela Raile jumps into her role as the Fairy Meany with glee, and sets about trying to spoil the party as her fairy sisters (Lizze Adelman, Ellorin Joy Davis, Elise and Camille Gibney and Cynthia Stults) attend the christening of the baby Princess Rosamundo. One century-long, coma-inducing spell later, Prince True and his faithful horse Fantasy (Patrick McMahon and Jordan Byers, genuinely enjoying their roles with goofy charm and camaraderie) overcome a Dragon (Christopher Gomez) to rescue the Princess (Samantha Claire). Angela Wood’s bright, detailed costumes make the show a visual treat, and director Erin Villaverde makes full use of the entire theatre, giving even the most restless young audience members something exciting to watch.
A perfect stimulation for adventurous little minds, “Sleeping Beauty” is a sure bet to inspire hundreds of happy dreams at night.

“Sleeping Beauty” plays Saturdays at 11a.m. until June 27th at Glendale Centre Theatre (324 N. Orange St., Glendale, CA 91203). Tickets are $13 for adults and $11.50 for children 12 and under. For tickets, call (818) 244-8481 or go online at www.glendalecentretheatre.com.


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