“Stepping on a Few Toes” Reveals Growth

Jasmynne Shaye.

Jasmynne Shaye.

A strong statement about letting go of the past to achieve freedom and growth, “Stepping on a Few Toes” features a charming Jasmynne Shaye in an explicit look at emotional devastation, and how she overcomes it.
The show presents Shaye’s true life story of how she successfully defeats destructive situations, abuse and insecurity by finding faith, hope and love. It reveals her succeeding in following her dreams and making a happy and new contented life.
At times, however, the show feels like a therapy session, saddled by heavy exposition in detailing abusive situations. At these points, action becomes almost static, slowing down the proceedings. Situations are played literally rather than metaphorically and become too heavy in the process.
Director Jaimyon Parker’s strong stage setup suggests how Shaye is bringing repressed feelings and situations out of the closet, removing their hold on her.
Shaye possesses great charm, energy and emotion in baring her soul to purge the past, highlighted by a few touching dance numbers. The story could become stronger by paring exposition and allowing dance to reveal her feelings.
“Stepping on a Few Toes” contains adult language and situations, as it dramatically reveals how forgiveness allows closure.

“Stepping on a Few Toes” played May 12-13 at 7:30pm at the Underground Theatre (1312 N. Wilton Place, Hollywood, CA). For further information, visit the website www.steppingontoes.com.

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