“The Diviners” Flows with Faith and Hope at the ELATE

(L to R): Ferris (Stanley Brown), Jennie Mae (Mary Cseh), Buddy (Marcus Acosta) and C.C. (Joe Fiske).

(L to R): Ferris (Stanley Brown), Jennie Mae (Mary Cseh), Buddy (Marcus Acosta) and C.C. (Joe Fiske).

“The Diviners,” penned by Jim Leonard, Jr. and directed by Joe Fiske, is the story of a small farm community set during the Hoover administration in the midst of the depression. The production is earthy, funny, poignant and tragic while the characters are simple, good people in need of something to believe in as they search for hope in their lives and community.
Both water and faith seem to be in short supply. The local church in this rural town has simply crumbled. A young, handsome, charismatic but back-sliding preacher drifts into town and inspires some new hope and interest. This former preacher meets a gentle, misunderstood mentally-challenged boy with the gift of divining. (Divining is the ability to find water, usually through the use of a tool, and yet ironically this boy fears water as well.)
The twosome bond and divine for truth, faith and hope. The boy’s father struggles in the handling of his son from lack of love but from frustration. The townspeople want the reluctant preacher to return to his calling, driving both the former preacher and the young boy to a crisis.
In acting, directing and tech, ELATE does a fine job of bringing yet another family-friendly production to the stage.
ELATE (Emmanuel Lutheran Actors Theatre Ensemble) performs at the Lincoln Stegman Theatre (6020 Radford Ave. North Hollywood, 91606). Tickets are $10 and $8 for seniors. Shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm, through May 3. Call the ELATE hotline for reservations at (818) 509-0882.


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