“The Mind Show II” Produced by Two Brothers One Mind

(L to R): Two Brothers, One Mind’s Jeff and Chad Orr, Gabe Abelson, Ken Dubner and Draven

(L to R): Two Brothers, One Mind’s Jeff and Chad Orr, Gabe Abelson, Ken Dubner and Draven

“We wanted to create a powerful, mind-bending event by combining the four pillars of mental magic: Mind over matter, Mentalism, Telepathy and Hypnotism,” reported the entertaining duo known as Two Brothers One Mind. The brothers, Jeff and Chad Orr, accomplished their goal with their most recent show at the NoHo London Music Hall. It was a mind-blowing, awesome experience with so many big “Whoa! How’d they do that?” moments in the three-hour show, but still left everyone craving more.
A packed house saw “The Mind Show II” produced by Jeff and Chad, who carefully selected the best acts that could mesmerize everyone, and explore the magic of the mind. The emcee, Gabe Abelson, not only showed off his talent as a mentalist with some really neat tricks, he was also a first-rate, stand-up comic. No wonder he was David Letterman’s head monologue writer for five years, and is currently helping Snoop Dogg produce his new talk show. Abelson can do it all.
The crowd-pleasing Two Brothers One Mind revealed a brand new mental demonstration they’ve added to their act. They showed that they can mentally communicate, even if they’re not in the same room at the same time. It was an exciting trick for the telepathic entertainers who have turned audience participation into an art form. Jeff and Chad’s likeability creates an instant rapport and disarms their willing subjects as they read each others’ minds. It’s a big “Wow!”
Heating things up on stage, Draven, Master of the Macabre, started his act by doing some fire eating. “Don’t do this at home,” warned the darkly comedic fellow who uses nails, string and a dangerous animal trap to create a unique blend of shock and mind over matter.
Master Hypnotist Ken Dubner wrapped up the show with an ultra-entertaining demonstration of the power of the mind. He hypnotized a handful of audience members and took them on a journey to another planet. It was fascinating and funny to watch people as they fell under his spell and explored their unconscious mind. You had to see it to believe it!

For a schedule of their upcoming shows and more information, visit their Web site at  www.TwoBrothersOneMind.com.

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