“The Psychic,” An “E”xtra “S”pecial “P”lay

Photo by Chelsea Sutton

Rita Malone (Bridget Flanery) and Adam Webster (Jeffrey Cannata) in “The Psychic” at the Falcon Theatre.

“The Psychic,” now playing at the Falcon Theatre, is a delightful murder mystery adventure about struggling writer Adam Webster (played by Jeffrey Cannata) posing as a psychic to help make ends meet. Right from the get-go, the audience develops a true empathy for Adam’s plight, as his dream of selling and publishing his manuscript will resonate with many wannabe hopeful writers in this city! As he encounters an itinerant cast of characters, all potential “suspects” for his up and coming murder mystery masterpiece, one cannot help but compare this “play within a play” to Pirandello’s “Six Characters in Search of an Author.” Each eccentric individual in this motley crew reveals him/herself as an unfinished character in search of an author to finish the story, and come to see and believe in both Adam’s psychic and writing abilities.
The plot ensues, with many humorous, suspenseful, unexpected twists and turns, very characteristic of the talented playwright Sam Bobrick’s previous works, “Norman, Is That You?” and “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s.” As Adam so poignantly states, “Good murder mysteries are hard to write,” yet Bobrick shows his innate ability with this play’s sharp wit and impeccable comedic timing. The cast members, many with extensive background in performing Shakespeare’s works, are players in a conundrum, a murder mystery game of Clue, on stage, filled with “wise saws and modern instances.”
This cast of zany characters and “unusual suspects” develops a natural rapport, using industry inside jokes, such as when describing two of the caricatures’ names, Johnny Bubbles and Fat Eddie Bistro, they state, “It’s like we’re in a bad production of ‘Guys and Dolls’!”
L.A. audiences, many of whom are waiting for that big break to sell a screenplay, will savor the suspense and surprise that “The Psychic” delivers.

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