“The Question”


The Truth Lies in the Dance

Carin Noland, as Juror #4, and company in rehearsal.

Carin Noland, as Juror #4, and company in rehearsal.

Flicker House Productions, headed by Brian Purcell, in association with the Ricardo Montalban Foundation, will present The Question, an Indie Rock Ballet based upon J.T. Horenstein’s experience while serving on a jury for a first-degree murder trial. It is a full length, story-driven theatre piece, entirely danced to a progressive, independent rock score.?Horenstein is the director and choreographer of this dynamic, entirely original idea, leading 26 dancers through this dark journey of murder and intrigue.
Nike Sportswear is the venue sponsor. The Edge Performing Arts Center and the RM Theater Foundation are sponsoring the production as well, and all proceeds will go to The Dance Fund, a Scholarship Program at The Edge Performing Arts Center that thoroughly prepares dancers for careers in commercial and concert dance
The Question (which opens in less than 2 weeks) plays for two weeks only: March 9-12, 16 (Gala Evening) and 18-19 at 8 p.m., at the historic Ricardo Montalban Theatre, the West Coast home of Nike Sportswear. Please call (323) 962-7000, ext. 19 for your reservations and information. Tickets are $30, except for the March 16 Gala Evening, where tickets are $50.


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