“Veronica” Headed to L.A.

Livia De Paolis.

Livia De Paolis.

While there are, of course, certain benefits to being a gorgeous, globe-trotting Italian model/ac-tress/performer, there are drawbacks as well, which even a woman like Livia De Paolis can’t avoid. For example, in 2006 she was on a modeling assignment in Paris when she learned that her landlord in New York was throwing all her possessions out into the street. When she got back, she consulted a lawyer in the Empire State Building to try to get her things back, only to have the lawyer chat her up all the way to the observation deck on top of the building. (In some circles, that might be considered an occupational hazard.) The next year though, De Paolis met Oscar-winning writer John Patrick Shanley (“Moonstruck,” “Doubt”), who was so amused by her story that he crafted the one-act romantic comedy “Veronica” just for her.
While her eviction story didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped, it ultimately began an entirely different chapter in De Paolis’ life. After an initial workshop production of “Veronica” in New York last summer, De Paolis has brought Shanley’s romantic comedy to the friendlier, less-competitive Los Angeles theatre scene with the help of director Daniel Allen Nelson and co-star Sam Nelson Harris. “I think Los Angeles is easier in a way. In New York you need two years in advance to book a theatre.” Wearing the hat of producer as well as actress has presented a set of challenges that De Paolis has been eager to embrace. “I feel like I’m involved in every aspect of the play. From the beginning of the material, and now because I’m producing it and acting in it, it’s like my first baby!”
“Veronica” will run at the Hudson Guild – 8538 Santa Monica Blvd. – Hollywood. Tickets are on sale for February 19-28 at www.plays411.com for $15.


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