A “Dead Poet’s” Tribute- A Soulful Celebration for an “Unsung” Hero


Jasmynne Shaye “Blue Moment” performs her latest in a tribute to Depth Perception in “Urban Legends - Spoken Word and Poetry.”

George James’, aka “Depth Perception,” bright light shines on, as the community sang, rather, spoke his praises, in a touching, most sentimental, emotion filled tribute, performed at the Write Act Repertory’s Urban Legends, A Collection of Raw Intellect … Spoken Word in its truest sense. To start the show, a dynamic duo of male performers/poets, gifted with the art of the spoken word, took the stage, deeply inspired and influenced by their mentor, declaring…”I write poetry… to keep myself together. Emotion… repetition… truth… flavor. I write for my father, mother, sister, brother… I write for me… I feel it, write it, say it.”

The ensemble was a “family” of kindred spirits, with their poetry bringing them together to paint a rainbow of lyrical art. Following the guiding, profound insight of Depth Perception, who lived by the philosophy: “Learn, Love, Teach, Grow,” the group exalted the wisdom of this “old soul,” their poetry an expression of love, respect, and gratitude, on how every precious moment truly matters.

Probably the most moving tribute was presented by George James’ brother, as he read a note, stating “You Are Not Alone,” bringing tears to his (and the audience’s) eyes, and encapsulating so much. A torch was being passed to a whole new generation… for a renewed chance to learn, love, teach, and grow. The connectedness of grandfather to father to son or grandmother to mother to daughter is linked eternally, with a chance to live our lives, making artwork and the written, spoken word a tapestry of our minds.

The production, filled with heartfelt emotion, was amazing, as the audience saw and heard poetry come to life in theatrical form, larger than life. Poetry on the subject of love was performed, rapped with grace and style, and even some hip hop steps for added flair. Depth Perception wrote about his own legacy (which was shared on stage)- so human, humorous, “tongue in cheek,” and foreshadowing: When life ends…”I’m free; I’ll never have to pay a bill, get sick, upset, hungry, or tired ever again!”

The group, so remarkably in tune with each other, made the whole production blatantly realistic, with original beautiful poetry created by the people who voiced them.

I adore this theatre, and the material just seems to get better and better. A night of laughing, crying, feeling, bonding, and remembering.

Urban Legends is playing at the Write Act Repertory Theatre located at 6128 Yucca St. in Hollywood. For tickets, call (323) 469-3113 or visit www.writeactrep.org.

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