A bit of a “mish-mosh” column this week


I didn’t catch any new productions on the weekend. As much needed torrential rainstorms blanketed California, and water-soaked marathon runners bravely “jumped the puddles” … I had a pretty uneventful couple of days. I am now looking forward to three upcoming entertainment evenings … Let me pique your interest! As always, I encourage you to sample the “delicious feast” of talent and visions, which simmer in our own LA backyards.

James Reams & the Barnstormers

James Reams & the Barnstormers, from l, Tyler Walls, Dennis Howe, James Reams, and Mark Miracle.

A spontaneous, last minute musical choice … What are you doing tonight? I’m going out to catch a One Night Only much loved bluegrass band at Altadena’s “Coffee Gallery Backstage” located at 2029 N. Lake St. The show runs from 8 p.m. till 10:15. Admission is $15. They are said to be a “down home,” hard core, no frills bluegrass band, based in Arizona. Together nearly 20 years, I’ve heard that their authentic music is a tasty mix of bluegrass, classic country, honky tonk, and rock-a-billy. Sounds like fun! Legendary bluegrass fiddler Blaine Sprouse will be featured. So if you’re in the mood for a mid-week musical treat … check them out tonight! See you there? I’ll tell you all about my experience there in next week’s column….

“Tommy” at The Met Theatre

The long awaited revival “opening” of Doma Theatre’s exciting season of six well known musicals, kick off here this weekend (March 23). Taking successful and popular plays of the past, and giving them audience involving “new twists,” each one promises to be highly stylized and quite spectacular! With eye popping costumes, and a ton of fab singers, I can’t wait to cover every production in the Doma series! The brainstorm of Doma’s cofounders, Marco Gomez and Dolf Ramos … I fully expect to be blown away! My youthful crush on Roger Daltry, after The Who’s classic 1969 double album rocked the world … is still a fond memory! (… of course I was only six at the time …Ha Ha!)

Lights Off, Eyes Closed

Opening March 24 at NoHo’s “Theatre Unlimited,” and written by Sky Pilot’s resident playwright, Liz Shannon. A romantic drama … we meet Jane, who has taken on the heartfelt task of finishing her recently deceased mother’s last romance novel. The book’s passionate characters, and her mother’s ghost, guide her in her quest … and honor her mother’s dying wish. Won’t be able to catch this one until the second weekend (I’m overly booked), but if you’d like to see it before I review it, call (800) 838-3006 for seats….

Go Gobetti!!!

Maria Gobetti with “proud hubby” Tom Ormeny.

The coveted “LA Weekly Theatre Awards” for 2011 will take place on April 2 at Hollywood’s “Avalon.” Honoring “the best of the best” work in all theatrical categories, on LA’s smaller stages, I’m always very interested in the outcome. I’d like to personally congratulate Maria Gobetti for being one of the five female drama nominees, in the acting category. This revered and much loved drama coach and 30 year long owner of Burbank’s “Victory Theatre,” with her husband Tom Ormeny, rarely finds the time to take a role in a play herself. Whenever she does … it is a treat! She just loved the script, written by Lissa Levin, and felt compelled to perform it. Playing a gutsy, “no nonsense” high school teacher, dealing with a male student’s “leaping libido,” in Sex and Education … her performance was brilliantly bawdy! Congrats, Maria, on the well-deserved nomination … and best of luck on April 2!

Well, that’s my 2 cents worth for this time. Back next week….

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