A Little Letter to My Readers:

Nickella Moschetti.

Nickella Moschetti.

No plays to review this week… my whole weekend found me “performing” my own manic “one-woman show” (with part-time “co-stars” Dana and Jessica) in my shop “Hubba Hubba!” I do a huge business on Halloween weekend… outfitting 1000’s of last-minute costume seekers! Why people procrastinate yearly until the last minute, I’ll never understand… when the store and I are ready to fill their “identity fantasies” by Oct. 3. Just human nature I suppose… but it makes me crazy! As always, I lived through it all with an equal amount of fun and frenetic emotion… and, as usual, I am left feeling like a wilted rag doll! Thanks to everyone who endured the frenzy within my jam-packed walls, and left with bags full of “out of the norm,” unique costumes! I will be closed until Nov. 7 to revamp, revive, reorganize and restock… and have tons of new vintage treasures coming in. The biggest costume “desire” this year

Danny Lippen.

Danny Lippen.

was actually to depict the characters on AMC’s Emmy award-winning show “Mad Men.” Since the show’s savvy costumers purchase wardrobe pieces from me regularly anyway… I had the “goods!” They even recently used my gorgeous, sparkly jewelry on “Oprah Winfrey” for her special “Mad Men” show (… which was a personal thrill for me!). Now that Halloween is over for me for the 25th year, my life should once again be my own! Back next week covering “Polyester the Musical” at The Actors Forum, and “Baby, It’s You” at The Pasadena Playhouse. Looking forward to some theatrical fun!

Brilliant Traces
Although I haven’t yet seen this one at our local “Sidewalk Studio Theater,” I hope to find time to catch it! Reviewed most favorably by my co-Tolucan Times theatre critic Kyle Moore, it is a two-character drama about a runaway bride and a male recluse in a remote Alaskan cabin. Starring the adorable Nickella Moschetti and Danny Lippen (a fine actor who I’ve known for 15 years). I do hope you’ll try to see it! Friday nights only, now through Nov. 20th. Call (818) 558-5702.

I’m headed out of town for a bit of R & R… Back with new reviews next week…


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