A Show of ‘Brotherly Love’ at the Little Theater


Derek Krantz and Garen McRoberts after a fight in “Eskimo Brothers.”

The urban definition of “Eskimo brothers” is two guys having sex with the same girl. Vincent and Joseph, the lead actors in Eskimo Brothers share this, and so much more, as they explore life’s constant challenges, setbacks and their own lifelong bond as childhood buddies and now roommates. As Zach Lupetin, director and writer, shared with me prior to the performance, “This play was originally part of a trilogy — loosely connected one-acts — that I wrote in college at the University of Michigan.”

Here in LA, he reconnected with the two actors, (Garen McRoberts and Derek Krantz), also alumni of U-Mich; the play evolved into an in-depth dialogue, touching on ultra sensitive, powerful subject matter, such as eating disorders, control (and lack thereof), parent/child love/hate relationships, friendship, loyalty and the ties that bind. Inspired by Edward Albee’s Zoo Story, this play delves into two highly intellectual characters, with an examination of one man’s breaking point, living on the edge, almost at the brink of insanity — a portrayal of the fine line between genius and madness.

Through the insightful dialogue and wide range of emotions displayed on stage, the audience experiences the years and years (unspoken back-story) of a solid friendship/male bond being tested and slowly unraveling. As they scratch the surface and wounds are uncovered, will their friendship withstand the riffs? The way it evolves, all in one room, one time frame — in “real time” —makes this show engaging from start to end, with chemistry intangible, suspense palpable — leaving one at the edge of one’s seat throughout.

Performances of Eskimo Brothers are on Friday, Feb. 25, and Saturday, Feb. 26, at 8 p.m. The Little Theater is located at 12420 Santa Monica Blvd. For ticket information, visit znlupetin@gmail.com.

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