A Tropical Treat at the Macha Theatre

Photo by Michael Helms.

(L-R): Daniel Rivera, Carlos Moreno and Castille Landon.

“Naked in the Tropics” is a fable steeped in gaiety (literally and figuratively), in the very best sense of the term, a narrative allegory, with a moral tagged on, in the form of music, drama and comedy. Written, directed and produced by Odalys Nanin, the play is a hybrid of sharp, witty comic appeal, combined with emotionally-charged dramatic moments and interspersed with musical interludes. Very timely to the world’s contemporary ‘hot topics,’ the play delves into various themes such as same sex relationships, immigration/ drug trafficking, teen pregnancy and enduring life’s many challenges and stressors, all the while being true to oneself.
Set in The Tropics, a West Hollywood night club, Joe (Daniel Rivera), a nude dancer, entices the young innocent high school senior Andres (Carlos Moreno, Jr.), into the world of erotic dance, porn and drugs, ultimately setting him up for a drug bust and possible deportation.
One character, a definite show stealer, is Carey Embry who plays Flor, a character who, like many in Herman Hesse’s works, is a fictional, dream-like androgynous figure—in this case, the frumpy court stenographer. Embry, later on in the show, also quite charmingly plays a Katherine Hepburn impersonator (Mrs. Whistler), a key witness for the defense in the pivotal trial scene.
With an exhilarating mix of romance, mystery, sexiness, skin, adventure and music, along with an invisible thread tying all the seemingly loose ends, plotlines and characters together, the show “has it all,” and is bound to please and mystify its adult theater audience.
“Naked in the Tropics” is a real story for today’s perilous times, with characters so real and human, not caricatures. For an evening of escape, fantasy, intrigue and suspense, head to “Naked in the Tropics.”

“Naked in the Tropics” plays at the Macha Theatre (1107 N. Kings Rd.)  Fridays  and  Saturdays  at 8pm,  Sundays at 7pm, through February 21, 2010. For more information, call (323) 960-1057 or visit www.plays411.co/nakedtropics.

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