Agatha Christie’s “Spiders Web,” Fun Murder Mystery at the NoHo London Music Hall

“Spider’s Web” murder mystery cast.

“Spider’s Web” murder mystery cast.

“Agatha Christie’s Spiders Web” is an entertaining play with ample intrigue that has the audience guessing “Whodunit?” up to the final unexpected suspect. So the NoHo London Music Hall’s impresario Frank Collins is making the show even more fun for members of the audience by offering prizes to the person who correctly puts the name of the killer in a hat at intermission. It’s a great way to feel personally involved in Christie’s drawing room mystery.
The British tale of murder and deceit centers around Clarissa, a lady with a vivid imagination (played with wide-eyed natural charm by Andi Rhoads) who has the misfortune of stumbling across a dead body in her home. She decides to enlist the help of her loyal friends, Sir Rowland (Bill Jackson, skilled at the proper gentlemen role), Hugo (Greg Philippi, handling the nervousness with ease) and Jeremy (Nick Nigro, oozing charm), to cover up the crime so it won’t create an embarrassment for her Foreign Office husband Henry (unruffled David Chatfield).
The dead man Oliver (smarmy Andrew Harlander) is actually a nasty fellow who may have deserved his fate, but the Police Inspector (Frank Collins) wants to bring the killer to justice just the same. Of course he finds that everyone is acting suspicious. Is it the eccentric gardener Miss Peake (the delightful scene-stealer Jane Arnett)? The troubled school girl Pippa (sweet Caryn Crye)? Or did Elgin the butler (shifty Phil Hunter) do it?
In Collins’ capable hands as director, the family-friendly show is laced with humor as the mystery is unraveled on the cozy stage decorated with great care to details.

“Spiders Web” at NoHo London Music Hall, 10620 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, is playing weekends thru Dec. 6. Showtimes Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm (no shows Nov. 28 & 29). Tickets $20, and $18 for seniors and students. Call 818-762-7883 for reservations for the impressive killer show.


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