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Boy’s Life

Ben Rovner, David Rispoli, and Jason Karasev in “Boy’s Life.”

A naughty, bawdy, “Gen X” look at the age-old battle of the sexes, with plenty of male bonding, booze, and a pink glass “bong”… this one is a lot of fun. (Especially for a younger adult audience!) Howard Korder’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated comedy explores the male psyche, and the puzzle of male/female relationships. Written a couple of decades ago, it has been updated here. The underlying question is: How much has changed in the dynamics betweens guys and gals in the 22 years since this play was first penned? The simple answer is… not much! Though we may get a bit wiser in dealing with relationships as we mature, the undeniable truth is… men and women are very different animals! This message is driven home with wild abandon here, in nine related vignettes. Directed by Dan Velez (with assistance by Joanne McGee) with tongue-in-cheek hilarity, this attractive young cast is delightful! Believably bonkers… one and all, the high energy, kooky performances with their underlying cerebral viewpoints on romance are a laugh-a-minute riot! We meet three old college buddies now in their mid-20s, and peer in on their relationship issues and stumbling blocks. Rambunctiously partying at Dan’s apartment… the fun begins. Jack, a married father, and a big of a macho pig, is always on the prowl. Phil, the insecure and nerdy “nice guy” wants a girlfriend desperately, and Don, who happily meets a sweetly sincere sculptress… gets caught with his pants down! Ben Rovner (Jack), Jason Karasev (Phil), and David Rispoli (Don) are a non-stop joy to watch! (And so cute too!) Strong and expressive actors all… they easily take us from the insanity of male hormones to the “heart of the matter” repeatedly! In various encounters over the course of a year, our guys tangle with four different women, emotionally and physically: Tori Ayres Oman (Lisa), Rachel Jackson (Karen), Libby Baker (Maggie), and Paton Ashbrook (Girl and Carla) all offer sassy and worthy work as the objects of the boys’ lust and confusion. Mikhail Roberts nicely rounds out the cast in two smaller roles. For a wacky good time, and a lot of heart and giggles, catch this one. Running in rep with their long running hit musical U.S.S. Pinafore, the Crown City group has been sizzling in NoHo the past few years! They consistently offer fine productions, and cover a wide variety of material. From comedies to musicals, to Shakespeare to “cutting edge” gritty dramas, the work is always inspiring. You must acquaint yourself with Crown City Theater! 11031 Camarillo St. (behind the church) in North Hollywood. For seats, call (818) 605-5685. Boy’s Life runs Thursdays and Sundays at 8. U.S.S. Pinafore runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and Sunday matinees at 3.

Bedtime Broadway Follies

At Hollywood’s Stella Adler Theatre. Closing their 12th year of coaching young students with a passion to perform, Towne Street Theatre presents their yearly two day student showcase. Ten young people will share their talents, performing much loved Broadway tunes. The flyer states: “It’s the wackiest sleepover in town, when young dreamers perform the Best of Broadway.” A fun filled event for the kids in your life, you can catch their show on Saturday, August 21st or Sunday, August 22nd at 3 o’clock. For tickets or information on classes, call 213-624-4796.

I’ll be catching “Eat the Runt” at Theatre of Note next week, which sounds pretty trippy. Each actor’s role on any given night depends on the audience’s vote. Stay tuned in…

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