Busy with the usual Christmas preparations


I only took time for one theatrical evening…and it was a wild ride!

Bullshot Crummond and the Invisible Bride of Death

Clockwise from top left: Rodger Bumpass, Oliver Muirhead, Christian Rummel, Katie Boeck and Anastasia Rousse in “Bullshot Crummond & The Invisible Bride of Death.”

An insanely frenetic, wildly manic, cleverly chaotic spoof… that I challenge my readers to “grasp” more completely than I did… this is an outrageously zany production! This is a sequel to the 1972 staged international hit Bullshot Crummond, written by Ron House, and co-authored by his partners at Low Moan Spectacular. Set in 1930, it is penned by and wildly directed only by Mr. House, with similar madness!

The original script was also done as a film in 1983 by the late Beatle, George Harrison, and gained a cult following. Being totally unaware of this series of “Crummond” projects… I was a victim of “culture shock” as I tried like heck to get the gist of it all! Imagine Monty Python and The Three Stooges sharing an “acid trip”… and you’ll get the “vibe” of the beyond bonkers storyline! Thankfully, my press sheet offered a plot explanation (which is more than I could do), so I’ll borrow from those well-written words, in part.

It seems, the vile Teutonic arch-villain Otto VonBruno and his femme companion Lenya have gained control of a powerful “invisibility formula.” They plot to steal the Crown Jewels of Britain to gain world domination. Only two people stand in their way… a noble British adventurer, “Bullshot Crummond,” and his new bride, Rosemary. To achieve their mission, they must outsmart not only VonBruno and Lenya, but also Moroccan terrorists and Al Shaitan and his army of cutthroat villains.

See what I mean? Riotously complex insanity ensues! The zany and hardworking cast of five are hilariously talented… each playing a myriad of nutty multiple roles with wild abandon! They are Oliver Muirhead, Anastasia Roussel, Christian Rummel, Katie Boeck and Rodger Bumpass. Psychedelic kudos to all! There are endless funny gags, bawdy references, and maniacal visuals throughout this sassy saga… but following the insane storyline as a whole is pretty tricky! I was confused non-stop! I’m not sure if anyone fully “got” it… but on opening night, the audience fell apart with laughter! The theatre program booklet tells us: “It has a cast of 5,000 but 4,995 are invisible, and only five are visible.” “Huh?” you say? We did too! If this manic, fast-paced style of comedy is “your” thing… you’ll experience fencing, belly dancing, a lovely Parisian song (beautifully sung by Katie Boeck), sword fighting, delicious deceptions, sexy innuendos and relentless slapstick shtick! With 60 productions of the original script having been staged in the U.S. this year alone… there is obviously a big audience for this style of depraved humor! If you are one of them, you should definitely see this one! If, like myself you are not… I’d skip it! The show runs through January 16th at The Whitmore Lindley Theatre – 11006 Magnolia Blvd. in NoHo. For seats, call (800) 595-4849.

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Sorry, but my theatre “reviewing” will slow down for the next couple of weeks. It’s Christmastime… and I’ve got family, friends, parties, shopping and wrapping to do… just like everyone else! Happy Holidays!

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