By the time you read this column, I will have survived the manic Halloween season for the 28th year at my shop!


After closing the doors for a few days to recuperate, I look forward to my normal customers, and film and theatrical costumers, seeking vintage attire and jewelry … at a slower pace. (I have lots of new vintage treasures.) Many thanks to all of you who dared to enter my jam packed, crowded Halloween dungeon!

Harbor – A World Premiere

“Harbor” at The Victory A World Premiere by Jon Cellini A raucous game of Celebrity From l, Mary Thornton Brown, Zibby Allen, Matthew Gardner, Luka Lyman, P.J. Marino, and Matthew Lillard.

A thought provoking and highly entertaining play, impeccably performed by a fine cast of eight actors! Written and directed with searing vision by Jon Cellini … it studies the lingering and baffling combination of unresolved pain and humor, that exists in many relationships. Cellini asks, “Why are ‘break ups’ so devastating? Can you ever really get past a wrenching separation, and the collateral damage it causes to everyone around you?” There are plenty of deeply planted and explosively emotional issues, simmering beneath the humor, in this family’s dynamics (… as in real life). The central character is Jules, a successful and attractive mother, raising a teenaged son, still reeling from her divorce ten years back. Mary Thornton Brown as Jules, gives a heartwrenching performance (relatable to many women dealing with romantic loss), and Matthew Gardner is precociously perfect as her teen son, struggling for peer acceptance (… in his first professional role). Now, a decade later, Jules must deal with Tommy, her remarried ex-husband, after the death of her father (played by a sweetly solid Bob Rumnock, as Dad). Matthew Lillard is a bundle of dynamite as Tommy, her immature and looney ex-spouse. To complicate matters, Julie is half heartedly dating Saul, a smitten science nerd (a heartfelt performance by Grinnell Morris). With the familial support of her sister, Dee Dee (a colorfully kooky Luka Lyman), and her husband, Ronnie (a lovable P.J. Marino), Jules must confront painful memories and feelings, for her childish yet likable former husband. He has turned up with Christie, his pregnant new wife (a perky depiction by Zibby Allen). As festering sexual attraction wins out over reality and good sense, Jules and Tommy find themselves alone for awhile … and deeply simmering passions explode! Will they reunite their volatile relationship, upsetting the lives of the others … or will they finally find a way to “let go,” after years of resentment? You’ll just have to see the play yourself to find out! This is a valid and enjoyable “slice of life” script that alternates the hilarity and pain of life throughout, tho’ at times it is a bit “busy.” Also technically tight … congrats to: Producer Suzie Gardner, Kimberly Wright (appealing costumes and co-direction), Jeff McLaughlin (classy set design and lighting), and Jeff Gardner (sound). The performances and direction are top notch, earning the cast a standing ovation on opening night! Running through Dec. 3 at The Victory Theatre on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays located at 3326 W. Victory Blvd. in Burbank. For seats, call (818) 841-4404.

A Personal Special Mention

I took my daughter Dana to “Granville” on the Burbank mall strip, after a manic Halloween Saturday at the shop. A “fave” dining spot of ours, the food and service are always excellent! When our adorable and accommodating waiter Zach brought our check … I misread it and overpaid by $20. Zack quickly told me I had made a mistake, and handed me back my 20 hard earned bucks. These are the moments that restore our faith in people … Thanks, Zack!

Back soon with more “theatah chat!”

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