Chicagoland’s Finest: Keith Huff’s A Steady Rain


By Natasha Lewin

From l, Tom Kelly and Sal Viscuso in “A Steady Rain.”

From l, Tom Kelly and Sal Viscuso in “A Steady Rain.”

Many remember Keith Huff’s A Steady Rain from the infamous Broadway run with Hollywood powerhouses Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman but perhaps not for their cadence with a rough-and-tumble Chicago accent, but for a certain cell phone incident. Regardless, forget the big names. In the Odyssey Theater’s latest production of Huff’s award-winning play, both Thomas Vincent Kelly and Sal Viscuso get that grating Chicagoan loyalty down to a heartbreaking reality in this dynamic, cop-buddy play gone all kinds of wrong.

Best friends and boys-in-blue partners hoping for that ever-allusive promotion to detective, Joey and Denny spit firecracker monologues, dialogues, and duo-logues about their fall from grace as the good cop/bad cop story unfolds. Set in the horrific era of Jeffrey Dahmer’s serial-killing spree in the ‘90s, A Steady Rain explores the relationship between two men and their differing codes of ethics.

So if it’s a night of big names you seek, director Jeff Perry is not only the star of NBC’s Scandal, he’s also the co-founder of Chicago’s internationally-acclaimed Steppenwolf Theater, while playwright Keith Huff won a WGA award for AMC’s Mad Men and is currently a writer/producer for David Fincher’s popular House of Cards. Plus Steven Spielberg’s already attached to direct the film of A Steady Rain.

A Steady Rain is showing through April 20 at the Odyssey Theater located at 2055 Sepulveda Blvd. in Los Angeles. Tickets are $25 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and $30 on Saturdays and Sundays. To purchase, call (310) 477-2055 or go to


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