Cypher Key – Esoteric Poetry: A Book Review


Author A.D. Upchurch has brought some light into the world with his first compilation, Cypher Key. Adding his own musings to America’s rich tradition of spiritual poetry, Upchurch grapples with mankind’s eternal issues – the nature of God and the universe, the purpose of suffering, and questions of death and birth.

Upchurch feels passionately about his calling as a poet and as a source of inspiration to those in need. His own background, marked in large part by horrendous experiences with drugs and alcohol, abuse, and jail, allows him to give perspective on some of the darkest aspects of human nature. Upchurch has emerged as one of the rare individuals who has managed to transcend his own pain, find meaning in the suffering, and place himself in service to others.

Occasionally, however, Upchurch’s lack of formal training in poetic verse creates some problems, chief among them a muddying of the author’s message. Every poem rhymes, sometimes desperately so and at the expense of meter, and one wonders whether or not the rhyming scheme is necessary. Grammatical and spelling missteps beyond the reasonable bounds of poetic license create unfortunate distractions, and the reader often struggles with the feeling that an editor didn’t give this a look prior to release.

But in the end, A.D. Upchurch has done a good thing here – a pure thing, and you can feel his genuine compassion when he writes: “I have created this book for those that need to read it, for those who try to find themselves in a world that seems to be closing down, fearfully dark and terribly lonely. More simply, I have manifested this book for you.”

Cypher Key – Esoteric Poetry by A.D. Upchurch is available for purchase through,, and many popular online bookstores.

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