Diaries of a K-Town Dive Reveals Heartbreak


Actress Susan Park.

Susan Park’s one woman show, Diaries of a K-Town Dive…, features fine acting and writing as it takes a thoughtful, expressive look at the search for love. Revolving around the goings-on at a Koreatown bar, the play examines how five women spend their time looking for love and respect from friends and family.

The show presents five women who connect tangentially through meeting at a Koreatown bar, as they deal with disappointment and insecurity in their romantic and family relationships. Each is searching for connection, both romantic and spiritual, with various loved ones, while the deepest relationship they need to develop is with themselves.

Park does a fine job differentiating the women through body posture and gesture, emphasizing different energy levels and speech patterns in how they talk. Her writing also helps separate the women, with some more prescient and others afraid to face the real issues.

Director Barbara Tarbuck keeps the action focused and introspective while giving a little momentum to the proceedings. She builds energy and rhythm into each separate monologue, while allowing for dramatic pauses.

Production work brings some added texture to the piece, with effective mood music and soft lighting enhancing the feeling. A very nice PowerPoint presentation gives a little definition to each individual woman as it allows Park time to change wardrobe. Costumes and props help build characters.

Diaries of a K-Town Dive… is an entertaining, probing examination of looking for love and meaning, without allowing insecurity and weakness to force bad choices.

Diaries of a K-Town Dive… plays Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays at 8 p.m. through December 11, except for Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25, at the Elephant Theatre, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Tickets cost $15. Call (323) 960-1054 or visit http://www.plays411.com/ktowndive to buy tickets.

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