Director Elizabeth V. Newman conjures poetic mystery in upcoming play ‘Any Night’


By John K. Adams

Theatre and film director Elizabeth V. Newman is currently directing the award-winning play Any Night, a ‘through-the-looking-glass’ psychological thriller about love, trust, and the immeasurable power of the subconscious. Any Night is a guest production at Sacred Fools Theatre in Hollywood opening Thursday, July 13.

This production has come from Austin, Texas where she is the Artistic Director of The Filigree Theatre. Part of the company’s mission is to bridge the artistic communities between Austin and Los Angeles.

The Filigree Theatre, now in its inaugural season, plans to present three plays annually each season. Newman said, “Each season will consist of plays from the theatrical canon, contemporary masters and new works will share a common theme, a thread tying them together.”

She is “drawn to mystery, strong female characters and the magical,” she says, in selecting plays to direct. She prefers “poetry, evocative metaphor and allusion over journalism. Misdirection and revelation pay off for the audience.”

Newman loves “working with actors and allowing them to take chances.” And she loves “guiding a production through the elements:  the physical realities of the actors, the sets, lighting, blocking and design where they all coexist. All the ships are sailing in the same direction and no part overshadows any other. Each moment supports the narrative arc,” she reveals.

Newman speaks passionately of the magic that occurs when “all those concrete elements combine to generate an intangible emotional ‘something’ the audience collectively carries from the theater at the end of the night.”

And about Any Night’s main character, Newman shares, “Anna’s harrowing journey relates on a human level. But I also found it personally important to tell her story.”

“Any Night,” written by Daniel Medina and Medina Hahn, directed by Elizabeth V. Newman, has a limited run, July 13-July 30, at Sacred Fools Theatre located at 1076 Lillian Way in Hollywood. For more information call (512) 496-5208 or visit  

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