Entertaining ‘Love Always’ a romantic comedy of the sexes


Blending the absurdity of romantic relationships with comic truths, the entertaining Los Angeles premiere of comedians Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna’s Love Allways features fine performances and hilarious moments as it satirizes the various permutations of love.

Love Allways combines numerous independent sketches that capture specific moments during the process of falling in love – affairs, dating, marriage, honeymoons – presenting emotional truths in amusing situations. While the first act focuses on actions occurring in restaurants or bars, the second act looks at intimate situations between individual couples, but both examine what finally draws someone over the emotional edge.

Director Gloria Gifford keeps the evening light, bouncy and energetic, with sensitive choreography building excellent ebb and flow of character interactions in each sketch. Fine timing and pulsing rhythm highlight comic moments.

The large cast brings fervent passion to the proceedings with their fine performances. Chad Doreck demonstrates expressive mastery of impressions and voices in the “Tony and Madelaine” sketch. Lucy Walsh brings stirring feeling to ignored wife Carmel in one sketch and electric voice to a sexy adulterer in “Bungalow 5.” Samiyah Swann gives a sensitive performance as a vulnerable loner in “Benny and the Woman,” while Kelly Musslewhite vividly explores the contradictory emotions of an overanxious, over-the-top new bride in “Bungalow 5.”

Love Allways mixes comedy of the sexes, passionate feeling and hilarious moments as it creates an entertaining evening examining love and romance.

Jamaica Moon Productions and GGC Players present “Love Allways” Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 7:30pm through April 23rd at Gray Studios located at 5250 Vineland Ave. in North Hollywood. Tickets are $30. Call (310) 366-5505 or visit Tix.com.

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