For the first time in ages, I didn’t see any plays to review for you on the weekend (I’m having withdrawal symptoms)


In fact, dealing with “the killer backache from Hell” … I didn’t do much of anything.

Mark Your Calendars

This weekend I’ll be seeing The Fantasticks at Theatre West, and will tell you all about it in my next column. A charmingly sweet story, that I, and most theatre goers, have seen numerous times over the decades … it is a unique and quirky musical play, and this production features a wonderful cast! To book seats, call (323) 851-7977 or visit

Xanadu – Opening Sept. 7 at Hollywood’s MET Theatre, and Presented by Doma Theatre Company

A clever “send up” of the 1980 cult film, starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, this one looks like a crowd pleasing crack-up! (I never saw the film version, myself.) Said to be an ‘80s roller skating “phenom,” loaded with familiar songs and messages about following your dreams and believing in magic … this multi-award winning play opened on Broadway in 2007, and “skated” through 500 whacky performances. Directed here by Hallie Baran, Matt O’Neill plays Sonny, a man with a dream of opening a roller disco. Lovlee Carroll plays Clio, a Greek muse disguised as Kira, who descends from Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, to help him on his quest. A cast of a dozen actors, singers, and dancers in leg warmers on roller skates, are sure to rev up some 1980s memories! For early booking call (323) 802-4990 or visit

The Beat Goes On – Opening Oct. 17 at Hollywood’s Theatre of Arts Arena Stage

A hilarious backstage peek at the antics of a group of actors, singers, and “hoofers,” rehearsing a show for a Broadway run. Now here is the glorious hitch … they are all “seniors” 60 years old and upward! The fourth such show produced by Jackie Goldberg in as many years, each one has been better and more professional than the last. The first trio was titled Rockin’ with the Ages … one, two, and three. This one, directed, written, and choreographed by the multi-gifted and much loved Cate Caplin, promises to be the best one yet! This time around, a group of 15 showbiz veterans, “down on their luck,” have a chance to perform in a large stage production, once again. Do they all still have what it takes? Rehearsals, back stories, song and dance performances, and a shared dedication to the arts … color this joyously infectious script. For early booking call (818) 606-6679 or email

Fabulous Footnote: Who is Jackie Goldberg (AKA The Pink Lady)?

A “bundle of dynamite,” petite woman of 80 years old (this week), who is dressed every single moment, and every blessed inch, in “pink” … she possesses the persona, ideas, spunk, and vitality of a teenager! A long respected motivational speaker for “sassy seniors” … a few years ago she reinvented herself once again … and became a lady of “theatah!” If you book seats to see her latest show, The Beat Goes On, you won’t miss her. She’s always present, overlooking every aspect of her production!

As always … back next week with more pearls of “Theatre in L.A. chat!”

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

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