Friday Night Quickies


The intricacy of relationships of blood and bond is thoroughly explored with the merging of laughter and tears. Seven one-act performances are filled with beauty, joy and darkness that remind us of our need to be wanted and loved. It is varied: one is sweet and tender, another is filled with despair. It is a testament of the collective talent that our city is bequeathed with.
Let us examine how the frailties of the heart and flesh devour the essence of kinship with “Lovers and Girlfriends and Beds, Oh My!” A bit of a radical premise emphasizes an everlasting truth: true integrity is infallible. With an excellent performance by Paige Ryan, it turns the tables on an established norm. Brutal honesty comes to a head in “I Will If You Will,” brilliantly written by Ashley Taylor who captures the little truths and lies all couples share. Although the plot line is a little far-fetched, the script is absolutely dead-on, lean and mean. “Quickie” embraces a modern feminine fear with a rare benevolence. Elizabeth Drier as Jean displays the necessary pathos that is deeply felt. A clever script from Robin Ribakoff helps.
“Friday Night Quickies” proves that a convincing story with a pulse needs not elaborate staging or exposition. The audience is drawn into emotional interludes by brevity and emotion. Ashley Taylor and Bryan Rasmussen have produced something lasting and memorable. Very recommended.

“Friday Night Quickies” plays at the Whitefire Theatre (13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423) now through August 14. For more information, e-mail or call (818) 990-2324.

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