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Chris Marshall & Helen Sage Howard in “Eve’s Rapture”

Chris Marshall & Helen Sage Howard in “Eve’s Rapture”

It always takes nerve to put a new adaptive spin on an old, well-known tale, but to take one of the oldest tales out there – the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve – and re-mix it into a Warchowski Brothers-style sci-fi action adventure complete with sex and violence, takes some serious edge. In director Robert Cohen’s fantastically-realized production by the Transversal Theater, Bryan Reynold’s “Eve’s Rapture” takes one permutation of an idea hinted at in the Old Testament and turns it completely inside out.
The basic story is, of course, familiar. Chris Marshall is darkly charismatic, funny and sympathetic as Satan, plotting a second war with God after having lost the initial battle and being cast into hell. With the help of his loyal lieutenants (Martin Swoverland and Ryan Patrick Welsh), and aided by Sin (Helen Sage Howard) and Death (Mike Hooker and Palmer Jankens’ sound design merit special mention here), his plot is laid out against God’s newest creations, Adam and Eve. Welsh does enjoyable double duty as the naïve, cuckolded Adam, but true to the title, this is Eve’s (Kendra Smith) story. She not only gives in to the temptation of the apple, but quickly grows into a full-fledged, butt-kicking and overreaching enlistee in Satan’s army. Christa Mathis’ costumes and Luke Cantarella’s set give the production an exotic, dangerous look.
This is definitely not one you’ll take your Sunday school class to, but with the provocative way in which Reynolds re-engineers the cosmos, you’ll most assuredly leave with a few new ideas in your head.

“Eve’s Rapture” performs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 7pm at the Hayworth Theatre (2511 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057). Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the box office. For reservations, call (323) 960-7721 or visit


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