Greg Mijurak and Barry Papick from the Boychick Affair


CKS:  How long have you been the Bar Mitzvah boy in The Boychick Affair?
GM:  Since its inception, a little over a year.
CKS:  What is your background?
GM:  Actually not theater. In high school I was into sports but decided to follow a dream and come here.
CKS:  How did you get involved with this production?
GM:  I was in the Lembeck Comedy Workshop. My teacher’s friend had been in the play and knew Amy and said they were looking for someone who looked thirteen. I got the audition, walked in the room, and Amy said I was “the one.”
CKS:  How do you feel about your experience with this show?
GM:  It’s a great experience because it’s never the same. Each audience is different, their reactions are different. It’s the greatest feeling because I know that my character, throughout, is the one that takes them on a kind of emotional roller coaster.
CKS:  How long have you been with the show?
BP:  Since it opened.
CKS:  What is your background?
BP:  I’ve done about 40 plays and some movies. I’ve been an actor for 25 years.
CLS:  How did you get involved with this production?
BP:  I answered an ad, went to a casting call, met Amy, and the minute I walked in, we sort of knew it was right.
CLK:  What is your reaction to being in this production?
BP:  Though I’ve done about 40 plays in my life, I’d never done anything interactive before, so this is very different. It keeps you fresh; it changes every day. Because the audience is right there in your face, there’s no hiding. There’s no getting away. Also the audience’s reactions?change?the production. Everyday it’s a whole new play.

The Boychick Affair is performed Sundays at 3 p.m., at The Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel, 12833 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, with additional performances scheduled March 21, and April 4, at 7 p.m. Group tickets are available by contacting Rosalie Lazarus, (818) 986-2908; individual tickets by calling (800) 838-3006.

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