Hair Joyously Returns to Hollywood


By Debbie Kagy

“Be In”: From l, Brianna McDonnell as Angela, Milo Shearer as Berger, Zach Kaufer as Walter, Christopher Chase as Claude, Dominyque Dickson-Thorpe as Dionne, Marcel Hill as Hud, Melanie Wahla as Jeanie, LeVanna Atkinson-Williams as Leata, Mary Grace Wilson as Ronny, Tiffany Oliver as Sheila, Will Potter as Woof, and Patrick Batiste as Leroy in “Hair.”

1967’s American tribal love-rock musical, Hair, has danced its way back intoHollywood via theTRIBE Productions at the El Centro Theatre.

Hair follows the story of Claude and Berger and their band of fellow hippies as they fall in love, experiment with drugs, and grapple with the war and politics that were so fervent of the time. The musical embodies the spirit of youth and life and empowers those who see it to make a difference.

theTRIBE’s production of Hair has succeeded in connecting the musical to the cultural and political problems in today’s society. Racism, sexual equality, and drug use are just some of the relevant issues that are touched upon.

Ronny (Mary Grace Wilson) and Dionne (Dominyque Dickson-Thorpe) start off the show with their perfect harmonies in “Aquarius” which are only rivaled by those of Claude (Christopher Chase) and Berger (Milo Shearer) in the title song “Hair.”

Chase, who also directs, stands out on stage as a beacon of sunshine, endlessly radiating the pureness of his character’s high. William Potter and Melanie Wahla, who play Woof and Jeanie respectively, have created characters that delight and surprise. George Chavez plays a hilarious audience member in drag named Margaret, and is not to be missed.

The entire cast melds perfectly together under Tony Oliver’s vocal direction to create a full and vibrant sound full of intricate harmonies and vocal riffs.

With its colorful sets, vibrant characters, and audience participation, Hair is sure to be a night you’ll want to experience.

Hair runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m. through June 24 at the El Centro Theatre Circle Stage located at 804 N. El Centro Ave. in Los Angeles. Tickets are $40 ($30 for Students, 55+, and Teachers). For reservations, go to A portion of the proceeds from this production will go to AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Please note that there is nudity and drug use depicted in this production.

For tickets, please call (323) 906-4418 or visit

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