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T37-20-ENT-Pat-TaylorHave you missed my weekly theatrical meanderings? I haven’t deserted you… though I haven’t turned in a column for the last couple of weeks. To explain… August is generally a slow month for play “openings” but September picks up again, and offers endless new productions locally, throughout the holiday season. So far, I’m booked to see four promising plays around town in September. Here’s a sneak peek at each one: Buried Child a Sam Shepard drama, directed by Bryan Rasmussen at the Whitefire Theatre – Opening Sept. 6th; On the Razzle, directed by Pete Parkin at Theatre West – Opening Sept. 19th; Cabaret, directed by Gary Lamb at Crown City Theatre – Opening Sept. 25th; Young Frankenstein, directed by Marco Gomez at The Met Theatre – Opening Sept. 26th. All of these troupes consistently offer worthy productions. I look forward to each one, and will give you the “scoop” on them as I see them.

A Belated Shout Out to Don Grigware!

A fellow theatre enthusiast, nice guy, and online theatre reviewer, he recently had a lively birthday brunch at The Smoke House. You can catch his theatrical musings at GrigwareTalksTheatre.com or BroadwayWorld.com.

Well, that’s my brief story for this time… just checking in! As always, I encourage you to get out and support local theatre. It exposes all possible sides of life for your consideration, and although not every production is brilliant… it offers a chance to get out with friends and family, while supporting L.A.’s wealth of talent.

Ta Ta for now.

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