Hollywood Gone Berserk in Meet & Greet

From l, Daniele Gaither, Vicki Lewis (upper), Carolyn Hennesy (lower), and Teresa Ganzel in “Meet & Greet.”

From l, Daniele Gaither, Vicki Lewis (upper), Carolyn Hennesy (lower), and Teresa Ganzel in “Meet & Greet.”

Meet & Greet is a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of actors, casting directors, producers, and the ‘biz’ of show. This is a ribald comic farce, compliments of director/co-writer/producer Stan Zimmerman and co-writer/producer Christian McLaughlin.

At the play’s onset, the audience is introduced to a flamboyantly gay casting assistant, wonderfully played by Paul Iacono, and the four actresses, (Carolyn Hennesy, Vicki Lewis, Teresa Ganzel, and Daniele Gather), each vying for the role of a horny cougar type.

Each actress is excellent and truly unique in her own right. The packed audience was cracking up at this hilarious production from the get-go.

Margo (Hennesy), the sophisticated Tony award winner who believes herself above all the riff raff competing with her. Belinda (Lewis) has faced a bumpy ride in a top-rated sitcom, plagued by many skeletons and addictive demons within. A standout is the blonde bombshell Teri Valentine (Ganzel) who tries her utmost to either wow the crowd, exist in a constant state of denial, or perhaps just opt to waltz into the sunset, as she’s done before in her career. Bringing instant guffaws from the audience is Desiree (Gather), a reality star legend in her own mind, whose claim to fame was a stint on the Real Housekeepers of Palm Beach.

Meet & Greet plays at Theatre Asylum, located on 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, on Sat., June 14th at 7pm; Sun., June 22nd at 7pm; Wed., June 25th at 8:30pm; and Sat., June 28th at 7pm. For more information, visit www.zimmermanstan.com or www.hollywoodfringe.org.


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