Hollywood Positive


By Matt Harris

From l, Candice Martin, Alara Ceri, and Peter McGlynn in “Hollywood Positive.”

From l, Candice Martin, Alara Ceri, and Peter McGlynn in “Hollywood Positive.”

Alara Ceri’s Hollywood Positive is a comedic and somewhat dark take on the different types of people that work and pursue their dreams in Hollywood. The story follows a young aspiring actress, Ally (Ceri), on her introductory journey into the Hollywood world of auditions, managers, roommates, and romance. Everyone she meets seems to have tested “Hollywood positive,” meaning they embrace any chance for stardom and obsess over celebrity status, and Ally struggles with the decision to sell out for a chance at fame. Hollywood Positive explores the superficial and corrupt side of show business and takes it to a comically absurd level, showing the extremes showbiz takes people.

Alara Ceri’s performance as Ally is the most relatable character and she is surrounded by delusional people at every turn. Ray Ramos plays Tony Falco, a showbiz scoundrel always on the prowl for new talent, and Anna Rose Moore plays Karen Hernandez, a young actress who will have sex with anyone if it could possibly help her career. These two characters are essentially the core of what makes Hollywood a corrupt and fickle place in Hollywood Positive. Falco is a man with the ability to get an actress work, but instead of evaluating actresses based on talent or experience, he only helps the ones that have sex with him.

Hollywood Positive presents a harsh and hilarious perspective of the absurdity of the Hollywood process and the craziness of those that have tested positive for Hollywood.

Hollywood Positive will run for one more weekend at the Raven Playhouse located at 5233 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. To buy tickets, view show times, and for other information visit hollywoodpositive.com.


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