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Why not visit some local air-conditioned playhouses this summer and “cool” your body temp while broadening your horizons…


The dancers from “Creep,”choreographed by JT Horenstein.

The dancers from “Creep,”choreographed by JT Horenstein.

At the Montalban Theatre… an EDGE Performing Arts annual production, made possible and presented by “The Dance Fund.” This exciting and successful scholarship program was developed by Bill Prudich and Randy Allaire in 1988 to prepare talented amateur dancers for careers in commercial and concert dance. Their many students have gone on to appear on T.V., book tours with mega pop stars, do videos, films, and stage productions… equipped with the savvy and skill they need to “follow their dreams.” In August each year, they audition 1,000 dancers and carefully select 20 promising hopefuls, who will receive a “no charge,” one year scholarship, with coaching by pros in every area of dance perfection. The leading commercial dance training facility in the U.S., graciously aided by major sponsors, and an impressive roster of industry choreographers, teachers, and performers… Careers are molded and stars are made! My personal talent in life has always been the “dance” of words; repartee, communication, sales, writing, etc. Although I love music passionately, I was sadly cursed with “two left feet.” To dance anywhere in public would mortify me! For this reason, I have a great respect and sense of awe for anyone who can express him- or herself wordlessly through dance movement! During the “Mosaic” productions, I was electrified by nearly 50 dancers onstage who explosively spilled their emotions, told stories, expressed feelings, and twisted their bodies like pretzels… all without uttering a word! The magic and universal possibilities and rewards of dance as a form of communication are mind-blowing to me. The talent of a dancer is God-given… but the rigorous training and exhausting dedication is another story… a major choice …a life-long commitment. “Mosaic,” attended largely by dancers, both successful and aspiring… I have never seen so many beautiful legs in my life! The evening’s program notes state in part: “A sound. A color. A fragrance. An event. A single moment. Each is a small piece of the large ‘mosaic’ that is our world.” In 18 wildly creative, separate dance numbers, every mood, lifestyle, vibe, feeling, and contemporary dance style you could imagine was represented for each audience member’s own interpretation. An exhilarating experience! My personal favorites: “I know you know”— a sensually lovely dual performance by Scott Hislop and Stephanie Landwehr, who both also beautifully co-choreographed the dance. “Let’s Celebrate Today”— a high-energy, Trinidadian-like East London party, choreographed by Ryan Heffington and sassily performed by seven upbeat dancers. “Creep”— an uplifting, fast-paced, Broadway-styled 1950’s romp— ala “Happy Days” goes bananas! Choreographed with playful pizzazz by JT Horenstein and performed by a large and animated cast of dancers. “The Underground i”— a punky, street kids clad in leather number, boasting a huge and expressive cast and choreographed with true grit by Nolan Padilla. The dances, costumes, lighting, sound, music/songs, and choreographers, all pulsated in harmony, offering an exciting experience for a ravingly appreciative audience! Don’t miss this “fab” show next year! The arts must be nurtured, encouraged, and supported… both for the aspiring artists and for the hope, joy, and pleasure they offer the rest of us in these troubled and challenging world times. To learn more about “EDGE,” sign-up for their e-mail newsletter or ask about helping to sponsor their worthy mission, go to

Friday Night Quickies

Enticed by the well-written review last week by M. Jarrett Christensen in our paper, I headed out to the theatre, “just for fun,” with friends. We agreed with his review totally on this naughty, bawdy, delightful production! A perfect example of the “sparks that fly” when direction, scripts, and performances are equally strong… each of the seven one-acts about “relationships” struck a chord! Sneak Peek— you will peer in on a strictly regimented military man who’s a “softie” for his young daughter… a hotel room extra-marital fling that goes wrong… a lesbian romp with a “family” twist… a sexless marriage with “tequila confessions” that reveal a kinky solution…a couple unable to conceive offspring… and a man who wakes up in a Vegas hotel room handcuffed to his bed! Whew! I kid you not! This show is so much fun… and has just today been extended ‘til Aug. 28th (Friday nights only). Do see it! The Whitefire Theatre— Call 323-960-4418.

The Goldiggers

Six of the original gorgeous and talented “Goldiggers” from T.V.’s Dean Martin Show will sing their songs and “strut their stuff”… for four performances only! (Aug. 7th thru 9th). Joined by Las Vegas comedians Ronnie Sperling and Jerry Hauck… this promises to be a “fan-tabulous“ night! The El Portal Theatre in NoHo. Call 818-508-4200.

Back next week with more chit-chat about this ‘n’ that!

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