I didn’t catch any plays for “review” over Labor Day weekend


Holiday weekends are always light on theatre “openings.” I’ll be seeing “Follow Your Dreams” at the Secret Rose Theatre, co-directed by Chris Winfield and Stan Mazin, this week… and will give you the “scoop” on it in next week’s column.

Circus Vargas

Circus Vargas producers and co-owners Nelson and Katya Quiroga.

Circus Vargas producers and co-owners Nelson and Katya Quiroga.

With a “theatre critic” free weekend, my long-time buddies, Katrina and Gag, and I headed out for the circus! It sounded like a fun-lovin’ childhood “flashback” plan… as none of us had seen a circus in decades! Celebrating 40 years under the “Big Top,” Circus Vargas has endured many transitions, and a slow decline in audiences. (Times are tough, financially.) Once a huge, three-ring affair, complete with powerful wild animal acts, and traveling the entire United States… in 2005, producers/co-owners Nelson and Katya Quiroga formed Taberes Entertainment. Both world-renowned circus performers themselves, they are passionately dedicated to reviving the interest and family appeal of the traveling circus. They have “circus savvy” relatives helming every creative aspect of their operation, always having been a traveling circus performing family. The exciting, new show is neatly scaled down to one large focused “ring,” and is now touring only in California. The ferocious jungle animals are gone (very costly to take on the road) but the overall thrill is as awe-inspiring and more “personally” involving than ever! Skilled, attractive and mind-boggling performers from all over the globe entertain, stun and mesmerize the crowd with “mad skills” and non-stop lively interaction with the wide-eyed children. Ringmaster Ted McRae links the acts, along with the hilarious and manic clowning of Matti Esqueda. We marvel at the eye popping costumes and daring skill of trapeze artists, illusionists, arial adagio work, baffling balancing acts, precious pooches, graceful horses, and motorcycle madness… just to name a few. We all had a great time! When was the last time you experienced the magic of a circus? You only have until Monday, September 14th to catch Circus Vargas this time around, with daily shows until then.

For more information and show times… call (877) GOT-FUN, or go to www.circusvargas.org.

Vaudeville Lives! Sept. 13th at 3pm

The delightfully playful song n’ dance team Evans and Rogers is back for an afternoon performance of olde tyme music and mayhem, reminiscent of the Vaudevillian years. Good, clean, zany, fun-filled family fun, this is a rollicking choice for a Sunday afternoon, (… you can mow the lawn next week), at North Hollywood’s “Mayflower Club.”

For tickets and more information, call (818) 769-9805.

That’s my story for this time… Short but sweet! As always… back with more entertainment “chit chat” next week!

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