I didn’t catch any plays to review for you on the weekend


Too blasted hot to venture away from the comfort of my air conditioning! Racing between my home and store… (both of which have great AC units) I managed to keep from “wilting!” I don’t know about you… but the older I get, the less I can handle soaring temps! Soon though, I’ll be seeing two opening night productions, and will then of course tell you all about them.

Mark Your Calendars

Jolson at the Winter Garden— Opening Sept. 5 at The El Portal Mainstage (For Three Weeks Only)

An entertaining musical, recreating Al Jolson’s famous Sunday concerts in New York (from 1911 to 1928), his legacy will be more familiar to older audiences, and a slice of history for the younger crowd. Starring noted veteran theatrical star, Mike Burstyn, backed by three vocalists and a live onstage band… you’ll likely be familiar with most of the songs. “Swanee”, “Nothing’ Could Be Finer than to be in Carolina”, “My Mammy” and “Toot Toot Tootsie”… to name a few. A white man in blackface makeup, Al Jolson was credited with introducing African American music to white audiences. A bit of nostalgia and an evening of great music… Sounds like a winner to me!

Seascape— Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Comic Fantasy, Opening at Theatre West on Sept. 9

A stellar cast of four fine actors will star. Charlie and Nancy, a couple facing retirement, have very different ideas for living out their “golden years.” A second couple, Leslie and Sarah… “not human,” but instead “lizard people,” who speak articulate English, enter their lives, as each duo learns much from each other. Sounds pretty “trippy!”

Bakersfield Mist — at Hollywood’s Fountain Theatre

I saw a fast paced, excellent original comedy, as a guest of a friend on the weekend. Garnering rave reviews from every critic in town, it is now in its third extension (thru’ Oct. 16). It was written and directed by Stephen Sachs, and stars two constantly “working” actors… Jenny O’ Hara and Nick Ullett. This is a hilarious battle of wits… between a brash trailer park woman and a highly respected but stuffy art appraiser. Try to catch this one… if you can manage to get a seat!

Burbank’s Magnolia Park Area Is Booming!

Since I opened my “1930s to ‘60s” vintage clothing and jewelry store on Magnolia Boulevard 28 years ago… called “Hubba Hubba!”… I’ve watched the area expand greatly, with eclectic, antique, artsy and vintage attire shops popping up… more every year. Recently being touted as “The New Melrose Avenue,” people who love anything nostalgic, unique or “one of a kind…” are heading to Burbank from all over the state. We even enjoy international return customers from other countries, who pop in each year while visiting California… on a global “treasure hunt.” The nearby TV, theatrical and movie costumers, are frequent buyers, searching for authentic period pieces for their productions. Many recognizable actors, singers and showbiz celebrities, can be spotted in all of our unique shops. Why not plan to “make a day of it” with friends, and check out the “fabulous finds” in your own community… It’s a lot of fun!

Hot tip:

On the last Friday of each month, many of the shops stay open ‘til at least 9 p.m. for “Ladies’ Night Out”… with yummy food trucks lined up all along Magnolia!

More to come soon… Try to stay “cool”… in every sense of the word!

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