I have two local productions to tell you about this week


One, an evening of original one-act comedies … the other a musical one-woman show.

Fall Shorts Festival

From l, Bette Smith, Mary Jo Wells, LauraLee O’Shell, Sophia Louisa Lee in “Surf N Turf” written by Bette Smith, part of Whitefire Theatre’s “Fall Shorts,” an evening of new ten-minute comedies.

From l, Bette Smith, Mary Jo Wells, LauraLee O’Shell, Sophia Louisa Lee in “Surf N Turf” written by Bette Smith, part of Whitefire Theatre’s “Fall Shorts,” an evening of new ten-minute comedies.

A hysterical evening of eleven ten minute “one acts” on a zany variety of subjects, this diverse collection is a “laugh a minute” delight! Directed by Bryan Rasmussen with razor sharp, fast moving skill, and produced by Jake O’Flaherty, the entire show is written and performed by Whitefire Theatre Company members. Naughty, bawdy, touching, and maniacally funny in turns, the audience is taken on a wild ride! You may have attended their series of similar evenings here in the past, under the title of Quickies. It’s a great format – to utilize the multi-talents of “company members,” and an insanely fast-moving journey through life’s quirky situations, for the audience. Some acts are heart-touching, some bawdy, some titillating, all are 10-minute “peeks” into the hodge-podge of unexpected situations we encounter in life. Too many to comment on all scenes in the space I have, so I will summarize my personal favorites.

1. How Dick & Jane Fell in Love

Written by Lina Gallegos and starring Camille Thornton-Alson and Tony Nunes. A man and woman meet on a bridge, each ready to jump off and end their lonely lives. As they share their feelings and disappointments, they find a reason to live … through meeting each other. Touching!

2. Surf N Turf

Written by Bette Smith, who also stars, with LauraLee O’Shell, Sophia Louisa Lee, and Mary Jo Wells. A birthday celebration at a restaurant brings out hidden secrets between “the ladies who lunch.” Very funny!

3. Our Little Angel

Written by Steve Korbar and starring Angela Conner and Ian Gregory Lockhart. A couple just home from “trick-or-treating” with their little girl put her to bed and raid her candy “loot” … while discussing their relationship. Riotous.

4. Don Wannabe

Written by Daniel Guyton and starring Margot Danis and Gregory James. A producer and an actress share a conversation over a glass of wine as he slips in and out of brilliant sporadic Shakespearian “moments of truth.” Hysterical!

5. Kill Me Please

Written by Rhea MacCallum and starring Max Schlossberg and Suzanne Mayes. A whacky girl with a death wish, on a park bench, has an encounter with a notoriously brutal “slasher” … eerily begging him to make her his next victim. Delicious outcome!

Those were my personal “faves” but all were clever and well performed. A lively and creative comedic grouping of life’s little “situations,” sure to keep you entertained! Only running on Tuesday nights through Nov. 12 … Try to see this naughty and bawdy production! The Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. For seats call (800) 838-3006 or go to brownpapertickets.com.


Parking can be tricky! If you can’t find a street space, you can valet park for $4.50 a block away, at Boneyard Bistro located at 13539 Ventura Blvd.

A Taste of Red

“A Taste of Red” starring Sabrina Miller at The NoHo Arts Center.

“A Taste of Red” starring Sabrina Miller at The NoHo Arts Center.

A life affirming, spunky, and comedic “one woman” musical, Directed with experienced showbiz pizzazz by James Mellon. Written and playfully performed by the perky and talented Sabrina Miller … this cabaret-styled show is delightfully entertaining. She is an impressive vocalist, and her story here is one of lessons learned and personal growth … on the road to her “dreams” as a successful singer/actress. Raised in “small town” USA, mating and dating the local boys, she finally heads for the competitive NYC audition scene … to little encouragement. Once again, she lets a romance dim her musical aspirations … allowing “love” to get in the way. As she matures and gets to know herself better … her journey and self-worth begins to take a positive turn. Sabrina’s sassy non-stop onstage costume changes were an eye-appealing joy to behold! All of the music set to her lyrics has been written by an impressive host of well-known composers, and the long respected Musical Director Ron Snyder accompanies her on piano. The “age old story” of women short changing their personal goals for romance … is retold here by an infectiously lovable and talented little redhead … in her own words. A lot of fun and plenty of “food for thought.” Only running for three more performances on Sunday nights at 7 o’clock at The NoHo Arts Center located 11136 Magnolia Blvd. in NoHo. For seats call (818) 508-7101 ext. 6 or visit thenohoartscenter.com.


This is one of my favorite equity-waiver theatres in L.A., by the way. The stage is huge, the seats are comfy and well sloped for great audience viewing. If you’ve never been there you must check it out!

That’s it for this week … As always, more to come soon.

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