I only caught one play for “review” on the weekend. During the summer months, theatrical openings are always fewer…


As potential audience members are caught up in their own varied summer plans and vacations. Still, when the temps soar… a good play in an air conditioned theatre is a great “in town” option!

It’s Good 2 be Crazy

Lindsay Seim as Merryl and Nick Warnock as Joel in “It’s Good 2 be Crazy.”

Ambitiously written by Joanclair Richter, a promising new young playwright, this dramatic comedy is an entertaining peek (tho’ a bit cliché) at the cutthroat “music biz” in L.A., and the strain it puts on personal relationships. Lacey Anzelc’s cleverly homey and detailed set design… remarkable on such a small stage, is ingeniously impressive! An up and comer, whose scenic vision is always inspiring… she must be applauded! Stylishly directed by Lynne Moses, the story unfolds in the small but charming apartment of a “20-something” couple, on the brink of a lifestyle shakeup. We meet the doting pair… Joel and Merryl. He, a Benefits Clerk by day, and she, a perky nighttime parking valet gal at a major “celebrity studded” hotel, are about to challenge their comfy cozy relationship. When Merryl comes home in tears one night to a napping Joel, the story begins. It seems she has driven Lindsay Lohan’s Range Rover smack dab into Lady Gaga’s Mini Cooper… and loses her job. Joel, her loving partner, sees this as a chance for her to work on her singer/songwriter career, and offers to foot the bills for awhile. “Be careful what you wish for…” as things get complicated between the loving duo very quickly. Nick Warnock as Joel and Lindsay Seim as Merryl, are loveably looney, and offer animated and multi-layered performances. Working day and night on her demo tapes, and dealing with musical “mental blocks,” their relationship becomes strained. Finally, after months of work, she’s ready to present her efforts to a well known Los Angeles record producer (an acquaintance of her mother’s…). Enter the dastardly Doug… a stereotypical pill popping, chick crazy, slimy sleezeball… with more “sex” on his mind than songs. It has been said that “L.A. is a sunny place for shady people.” Living in L.A., the “music capitol of the world”… we’ve all come in contact with these types… they’re a dime a dozen! Max Decker is hilariously despicable as the leeringly creepy producer. He insists that the unsuspecting Merryl strips off one piece of clothing for every one of her songs he listens to… until Doug walks in and all hell breaks loose! Unfortunately… the fun is undeniably hindered by numerous lengthy blackouts, which take the audience “out of the moment” repeatedly… But for the most part, this is a well acted, voyeuristic and quirky effort… Best suited for a young Gen-X audience. Running through Aug. 14 at The Hudson Guild located at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. For seats, call (323) 960-5774 or go to www.plays411.com/goodcrazy.

Moose on the Loose at Theatre West

Dina Marrone’s delightfully hysterical Italian family comedy has been “knockin’ them dead!” It has just been extended through July 24. A passionate Paisano farce, loaded with razor sharp performances, and complete with a moose running around the neighborhood… this one’s a lot of fun! To catch it… call (323) 851-7977.

Magical Moments

It was wonderful to see the charming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge mingling with the people of Canada and America! It seemed to be as exciting for them, as it was for their admirers… The young “royal couple” is a class act, to be sure!

Holy Kamole… it’s been hot! I’ve read two books cover to cover the past few days, scantily clad in my own home with the drapes closed, and my AC cranking! Not looking forward to the upcoming electric bill… but my only other option was to melt in a puddle!

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