I only caught one play to tell you about, and it was a ton of fun!


Thanks to the “water gods” we finally got a heavy dose of much needed rainfall, although I’m much happier and more productive when it’s sunny.

Boeing Boeing

From l, Patrick Burke and Paul Cady in “Boeing Boeing.”

From l, Patrick Burke and Paul Cady in “Boeing Boeing.”

A maniacally madcap journey from start to finish, this one will inspire “belly laughs” from all who see it! Starting with the clever theater announcements pre-show, offered by two perky airline hostesses, and on through the whole production, the audience had a great time! This is a riotously saucy story, presented in three acts. Written by Marc Camoletti (and translated by Beverley Cross & Francis Evans) … this zany farce ran for 2,000 performances in its debut London production. It later became the Guinness Book of Records’ most performed French play worldwide. The film version starred Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, and Thelma Ritter. Directed here with sexy pizzazz by Larry Eisenberg (assisted by Troy Whitaker), this spicy show is a lot of fun! It is the late 1960s, and plays out at the charming Paris apartment of Bernard. A suave and deceitful bachelor with a “raging libido” and no scruples … he is secretly juggling three gorgeous airline stewardesses. Bernard is played with charismatic charm, by Paul Candy. Each gal is madly in love, and engaged to marry him. It’s a perfect situation for Bernard, as long as their Paris layovers never overlap. His well executed plan of romantic deception runs smoothly until a new and speedier Boeing jet is introduced, which allows each gal to be in Paris more often. When Robert, his goofy old friend turns up unexpectedly, he is caught in the midst of Bernard’s juggling act “Ala Le Femme” (a hilariously ambitious performance by Patrick Burke). Bernard’s colorful French domestic servant and chef Berthe, must put up with his trio of temperamental divas, while never revealing the truth to them (a screamingly funny Michele Bernath). As Bernard’s unsuspecting bevy of beauties … Jennifer Ross plays Gloria (The American), Jenny Sue Johnson plays Gabriella (The Italian), and Vesna Tolomanoska plays the German. All of these beauties give naughty, bawdy, and highly entertaining performances! One of the play’s zaniest scenes finds Bernard and Robert shuffling the three women from bedroom to bedroom, when they all turn up at the same time. Fractured my “funny bone”! Kudos also to the mood setting “behind the scenes” artists: Chris Winfield’s gorgeous set is perfect, with set decorations by Diana Martin. Angela M. Ead’s sassy 1960s costumes are quirky fun, Steve Shaw’s sound design, Kim Smith’s lighting, and Drina Durazo’s props, round out the accolades. This feline farce is a zany, “laugh-a-minute” lark! Do take a break from your usual daily grind – and catch it! Running through March 23 at The Lonny Chapman Theatre located at 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood. For seats call (818) 763-5990, or go to thegrouprep.com.

Glowing Accolades to the Staff at Burbank’s St. Joseph’s Hospital!

The past year or so, I have not been feeling my usual “hyperactive,” chatty, and life-loving person … and have lost 15 pounds. Having never been hospitalized except twice decades ago, when birthing my children, I am a total chicken about hospitals! Finally, having had many tests with my gynecologist … the savvy, thorough, and “down to earth” Dr. Dawn Cashie near St. Joseph’s … I was admitted for a series of tests and a minor surgery today. From the moment I was checked in … I was treated with loving, informative, and personal attention from everyone involved in the process … from start to finish! I highly recommend this caring and knowledgeable facility and its staff … and felt compelled to praise them in print!

That’s all I have for you this week … but keep tuning in. Back soon with more theatrical tidbits to entice you to support local “live” theater.

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