I only caught one production on the weekend …


Unless you count the star-studded Academy Awards show, which I’ve never missed in my life! Although the late night news reported less than “Raves” on the extravagant show … I enjoyed every moment!

The Fall to Earth

From l, JoBeth Williams, Ann Noble, and Deborah Puette in “The Fall to Earth.”

A strong theatrical offering in every aspect, this serious and emotional play … blessed with comedic moments, is mesmerizingly powerful! Written with gutwrenching realism, by Joel Drake Johnson, we are privy to the inner souls, and deeply-seated pain of a family in crisis. As the festering “truths” of the story unfold, a lifetime of resentments and strained family dynamics are revealed. Fay, a Midwestern mother who buys her clothes at JC Penney, and her adult daughter Rachel, must reunite. Traveling together to another state, to identify the body of their long-troubled son/brother, their differences explode. The dysfunctional sparks ignite, as painful childhood memories and maternal manipulation are faced in layers, as the two interact. A character driven play with deep meaning and much soul searching, this strong cast is hypnotically effective throughout the journey. The skilled and highly respected JoBeth Williams as Fay, gives a remarkably multi-dimensional performance, with the impeccable timing of a seasoned “pro.” Deborah Puette is soulfully believable as her absentee daughter, Rachel. Ann Noble, as a caring police officer assigned to their case, rounds out the cast with a heartfelt and focused portrayal. A trio of flawless ensemble depictions! As the troubled Kenny … appearing in a haunting and recurring wordless role, Ian Littleworth spurs chills. The technical work throughout, framed the eerily tense story perfectly. Tom Buderwitz has designed a gorgeous set, and the chilling lighting by Jeremy Pivnick, sound by John Zalewski, and costumes by Jocelyn Hublau Parker, are all worthy of praise. Kudos to all involved! This is a totally engrossing 90 minute/one act play … that feels a bit long … but is so strong, that it’s well worth the commitment! Running through April 1 at Odyssey Theatre located at 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd. in West L.A. For seats call (310) 477-2055.

Oops … Sorry:

In my last week’s glowing review of Noel Coward’s Private Lives, running at Burbank’s GTC, a couple of the tech artists’ names got switched. In such a strong production … I meant to credit Allison Bibicoff for her dance choreography, and Brian Danner for his fight scenes’ choreography. Do catch this local play … It is fun!

A Culinary Tip from Me to You….

One of my “fave” spots! Burbank’s authentic “Thai Garden Room” is a bustling little family business running at Hollywood Way and Clark Street for 13 years. If you don’t know this “yummy” gem of a place … You must! You can dine on their patio (indoors and or out) or do “take out.” Either way, the food is delicious, fresh, and unbelievably affordable! Run by the adorable Pat … tell her that the other “Pat” from The Tolucan Times sent you!

That’s my story for this time… Until we meet again, why not do some browsing on Magnolia Park’s eclectic shopping strip? With “cool” new collectible and vintage stores opening non-stop, folks are coming from all over California to check it out! Some now refer to the growing selection of “trippy” shops along Magnolia Boulevard as “The New Melrose” … minus the high prices and parking problems. Open for 29 years … be sure to visit my shop too! “Hubba Hubba!” vintage clothes and jewelry for guys ‘n’ dolls (shameless plug….)

Ta Ta For Now….

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