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A mystical and “other worldly” lark, CLEVERLY written by Brandon Scott, who also wears the Director’s hat… AND plays the lead role. This is a most unusual and “bewitching” evening of theatre! Suitable for kids of all ages – seven to 100.

Wizards and Fools – The Hallows’ Fool Moon Magic Show

Artistically challenged on opening night by numerous LAST MINUTE cast changes, the production was a bit of a bumpy ride at times. I am confident that it all has come together by now.

The “larger than life” Brandon Scott, a quirky and HIGHLY SKILLED MAGICIAN, plays the Head Wizard here…in a family of eclectic and zany characters.

It is All Hallows Eve…and his relatives (The Wizards and Fools) have gathered here for the celestial “Hallows Eve” and “Night of the Fools Moon,” which only occurs once every 500 years. At the stroke of the “fool moon” an eerie and magical show is performed that honors their ancestral, make-believe reality. All family members are kooky fun…and a few random audience members are chosen to participate in the show as well.

NOT your normal Abracadabra! The show is accompanied on piano with EXCELLENCE by noted composer/arranger Billy Revel! We meet a HILARIOUSLY ECLECTIC variety of characters, through spoken dialogue, songs, comedy and magic.

The wacky cast includes: Larry Lederman as Uncle Mort, Jeannie Hudak as the ditzy cousin Pea Brain, Cathryn MacEllerhan as Wanda, Duane Thorin as Cousin D, Kassandra Corral as Sparkles and Christine O’Nan as Twindilida. Each actor added VIVID COLOR to the fun lovin’ shenanigans! Elsie Campos in a “guest role” performed a beautiful Spanish dance. The audience was delighted to see that Marilyn Monroe (Kassandra Carroll) in all of her “glitz n’ glamour” turned up to catch the show!

Folks, this is a highly enjoyable evening, loaded with music, mirth and the REMARKABLE ILLUSIONS performed right before our eyes by the amazing Brandon Scott!

As I mentioned at the start…although the audience had a great time…there were some “wee kinks.” However, Master Magician Brandon Scott has worked his hocus pocus, assuring us that all is well in Magicland.

“Wizards and Fools” runs through October 25th at Actors Forum Theatre located at 10655 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. For tickets and information call (818) 506-0600 or visit ActorsForumTheatre.org.

Back next week with my humble opinion on Nosferatu opening at North Hollywood’s Crown City Theatre. I am intrigued with this one…as not a word will be spoken in this production except by a narrator.

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