I only caught one production on the weekend. Mostly, I just hung out at home in front of the “boob tube” watching the Olympic Games


The dedication of these young athletes is commendable … as most of us “veg” on our couches totally in awe!

Life Is…. Towne Street Theatre Presents Their 7th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival.

From l, Nancy Renee, Shonte Buford, and Lamar Usher in “The Twilight Jones.”

From l, Nancy Renee, Shonte Buford, and Lamar Usher in “The Twilight Jones.”

Always entertaining, and looking at all sides of life … this year they chose from 200 submissions from all over the U.S. and Canada. Featuring an ensemble of 30 actors, 10 playwrights, and 10 directors, the pace is quick, and the “storylines” are diverse. I’ve attended this yearly festival for many years, and as always it was fast paced, “off the wall,” and a lot of fun! From hilarious, to bawdy, to thought provoking in turns, the largely African American troupe, focuses on the interactions of people in a wide variety of life situations. Though they were all worthy, I don’t have the space to comment on all, but will tell you a bit about my favorite five. The quick-change set work was inventive, and the costumes by Nancy Renee and Kim Harrington were flairfully fun!

Heartstrings — My absolute favorite scene was this touchingly mesmerizing piece, endearingly written by Megan Fevurly, and directed by Diane Sellers. Heart-wrenchingly performed by Mack Miles as Henry, and Shonte Buford as Shelly … We witness the interaction at a classical concert, of two lonely audience members. Strangers … he a senior citizen, and she a “20 something” girl, are separated only by a violin in the seat between them. As they engage in a self-revealing conversation … each walk away happier for having met. A lovely piece….

The Twilight Jones — Riotously written by Kay Poiro, and directed by Kenneth Cosby. An up close look at infidelity from all sides … it turns out that “two can play this game.” When the wife and teen daughter get a tip that Mom’s no good hubby Lionel is cheating … the fun begins (a riotously quirky Nancy Renee, Erin Nicole Washington, and Londale Theus.) Enter the slick and creepy Quentin … (a hilarious Lamar Usher) and the zany plot thickens. Seth Austin is also delightful, as a Twilight Zone-esque narrator. Mad fun!

From l, Wil Bowers and Nancy Cheryll Davis in “The Obit.”

From l, Wil Bowers and Nancy Cheryll Davis in “The Obit.”

The Obit – Written by Mark Cornell, and directed by Nancy Renee. On a more serious note, this one peers in on the delicate issue of a couple writing the newspaper obituary of their recently deceased adult son. He wants to write the truth, and she needs to write what she wishes was the truth. Gut-wrenchingly performed by Nancy Cheryll Davis and Will Bowers.

The Spooks – Written by Aja Houston and directed by Kim Harrington. A cleverly eerie piece, we view two identical families, speaking the same words … to prepare their young son from unknown future evils. Compelling but confusingly intriguing. Performed by Tene Carter, Mark V. Jones, Joshua Conteh, Chioma A. Nwosu, Daniel Stafford, and Derjuan Jacocks.

Drinks, Dinner, & DNA — Written by Seth Freeman riotously, and directed by Mark V. Jones. A young lesbian couple makes the decision to have a baby together. Of course they will need a man to “help” with this desire … Megan Weaver, Patricia Fructuoso, and Lamar Usher were all very funny!

A highly entertaining evening of “one act” mini-plays … A good time was had by the audience, and the versatile talents of many creative artists were utilized. Do try to catch this eclectic and zany collection of 10 minute plays…. Running Thursday through Sundays thru’ Feb. 23 at The Stella Adler Theatre (upstairs) located at 6773 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. Tickets are $20 at the door or $16 when booked in advance. For tickets visit 10minplayfest.eventbrite.com.

See you next time with my review of “Obama Spy Drama,” opening on the weekend, at Acme Comedy Hollywood. It sounds like a hoot!


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