I only caught one production on the weekend to tell you about


It was a deliciously lively and looney lark, which seemed to fully entertain the exceptionally attractive and well dressed audience the night I went.

Divorce Party The Musical – the hilarious journey to hell … and back! West Coast Premiere.

Photo by Jason Gillman

The cast of “Divorce Party The Musical.”

Conceived and written by Mark Schwartz, Amy Botwinick, and Jay Falzone … who also playfully directs … this maniacally humorous naughty and bawdy look at life after divorce “vibrates” with hilarity! Although I strongly feel that the first act would benefit by some trimming, and at times the sexual references pushed the boundaries of “titillating theater” … there are plenty of laughs to be had! The story centers on Linda, newly divorced and quite devastated by the experience. A flawlessly funny and excellent performance all round by Janna Cardia! Loved her! Her house is a total mess, her appearance is frumpy, her spirit is broken, and her passion for “Chubby Hubby” ice cream is out of control! When her three favorite gal pals arrive for the weekend to cheer her up with a whacky divorce and relocating party … the insanity takes off! Offering countless familiar hit tunes, with relatable new lyrics about marriage, men, sex, love, loss, sex toys, and “moving on” … we peer in on the “sisterhood of women” worldwide. Samara Dunn (as Courtney), Soara-Joye Ross (as Sheila), and Mary Jane Waddell (as Carolyn), each with sassy stories of their own to share … are all fabulously feisty! (And the entire cast can really sing!) Playing “The Boy Toy” … appearing as numerous quirky men … Scott Ahearn is a crowd-pleasing, non-stop riot! A total “scene stealer,” he plays a pizza delivery guy, a hair stylist, a masseur, and a shockingly well built yoga instructor … just to name a few. So different in each role, it was hard to believe it was the same actor each time he appeared. Technical kudos are in order here too! Colorfully fun set design by Jonathan Collins, cool lighting by Kate Ashton, and the clearest and most crisp sound I’ve heard in a musical in ages, by Adam Rigby … all set the zany tone perfectly. ‘Though as I said earlier, this naughty “slice of life” musical (not for the easily offended) could use a bit of tweaking in my opinion … It is without-a-doubt a funfilled theatrical option for a bawdy, fun loving “Girls Night Out!” Just for laughs … the producers have set up a “U-Be the Critic” site on Facebook, so audience members can voice their opinions on the show. You can also do so on cards set up in the lobby, where they’re displayed for all to read. After final curtain, you can go to: Facebook.com/DivorcePartyTheMusical and “LIKE” their page and post your opinion. Great idea! Running Tuesday through Sundays at The El Portal Theatre through April 14 located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in NoHo. For tickets call (866) 811-4111 or go to elportal.theatre.com.

That’s it for this time. Back next week with a full review of “Dreamgirls” opening at The Met Theatre in Hollywood, offered by Doma Theatre, I am super excited about this one! Loved the film (which was loaded with costume jewelry bought at my store….) I also saw it “live” in New York years ago, and caught a hot preview performance by this cast recently. They were sizzling! Can’t wait!

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