I only caught one production on the weekend…


And it was a unique, bizarre, and wild ride! The theatre was jam-packed!

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

Carlo Maghirang as “Beethoven” and Timothy Miller as “CB” in “Dog Sees God.”

Carlo Maghirang as “Beethoven” and Timothy Miller as “CB” in “Dog Sees God.”

NORTH HOLLYWOOD- Good grief! Who doesn’t remember Charlie Brown and his prepubescent, neurotic, and colorful gang of cohorts, “The Peanuts Gang”? Cleverly, this poignantly hilarious dark comedy flashes forward ten years to their dysfunctional, “searching” teen years. In screamingly funny X-rated vignettes, we witness the confusion, angst, sexual perversities, prejudices, and vices that motivate their “madness” as high school students. Very funny and heart-wrenchingly moving, in turns… this is a powerfully edgy journey… for adult audiences only! Written by Bert V. Royal (who has the screenplay rights in his pocket), this controversial play ran off-Broadway some five years back. Then starring American Ferrara (“Ugly Betty”), Eddie Kaye Thomas (“American Pie”), Ian Sommerhalter (“Lost”), and Eliza Dushku (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) among others… it created quite a stir! Now running in NoHo, directed with mesmerizing focus by Jon Cortez, boasting a talented and cutting-edge cast of up ‘n’ coming actors, it is one of those plays people will either love or hate! After finally figuring out “who was who,” it turns out we liked it a lot! A bit confusing at first, as the characters we all know so well function here under different names, due to licensing issues. I’ll give you the names we’re familiar with in my review, to make it easier for you to follow. Our beloved cartoon characters are now dealing with life issues such as drugs, pyromania, Goth-life, drunken parties, group sex, homophobia, self-discovery, and lack of self-worth. I’ll leave “who’s caught up in what” for you to find out for yourselves. Timothy Miller, in the lead role of CB, (Charlie Brown) gives a phenomenal and multi-layered performance, taking us on a rocky rollercoaster of emotions (not a dry eye in the house following his closing scene). Emily Lehrer as the incarcerated Frieda (Lucy), and Alyssa Carter as CB’s offbeat sister (Sally), both offer excellently memorable portrayals. Carlo Maghirang as Beethoven, the lonely outcast (Shroeder), Paul Dietz as the violent and sexist Matt (Pigpen), and Matthew L. Middleton as the lonely Van (Linus), give a trio of gut-wrenching depictions! Quirky and high-energy work as promiscuous “party girls” by Courtnie DiPiazza (Marcie) and Tiffany Jordon (Peppermint Patty), stepping in this night as the understudies. Congrats to Amanda Yollin (costumes), Cullen Pinney (lighting), and Sean Schwartz (sound) for their mood-setting visions. This story, underneath the insanity of it all, is a meaningful, thought-provoking, raunchy and relatable look at life and its many unexpected turns… from adolescence to adulthood… and ever after. Running through August 21st at the Secret Rose Theatre – 11246 Magnolia Blvd. in NoHo. For seats, call 818-766-3691.

The Mary White Band at Burbank‘s “Joe’s Bar & Grill”

Having enjoyed her fun lovin’ band before, we headed out to “Joe’s” for an encore. A sassy little blonde filly from Texas, the raspy-voiced singer also plays guitar and wails on the sax like crazy! The crowded floor of “two-stepping” dancers flocks in every time she appears here. Catch her and the guys here next on August 21st or at Glendale‘s “Tam O’ Shanter” (as a duo act) every third Thursday of the month. She’s a lot of fun!

“Life Could Be A Dream”—Opening at the Hudson Theatre August 7th

“Life Could Be A Dream”

“Life Could Be A Dream”

Following the “fab” and highly-successful run at the El Portal of “The Marvelous Wonderettes” (now running off-Broadway), its writer, director, and producers take us back again to Springfield for a doo-wop, male, counterpart version. “The Crooning Crabcakes” will perform our “fave” tunes from the 1960’s… in “The Big Whopper Radio Contest.” There’s a huge buzz about this show all over town… I can’t wait to see it! I will tell you all about it next week!

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