I only caught one production this week, but it was a “guilty pleasure” doozie!


This review will be a bit longer than usual, to make certain that you know what to expect if you go to see it… tho’ the title should give you the first clue!


An entertaining X-Rated and bawdy romp into the sultry world of “consensual non-typical sex,” this collection of “one acts” is a lot of steamy fun! For liberal minded adults only, no sexual stone is left unturned! The first playwrighting effort by Dolores Fletcher… the lady has a naughty knack for poking fun at the kinky side of sex! Erotic, Exotic, and at times, Psychotic… this is quite a show! It is directed by Bryan Rasmussen with sensual and high energy pizazz and no nudity (F.Y.I.) on a minimal and lush boudoir set (not credited). A talented cast of 15 actors and two hot dancers, take us on a raunchy roller coaster ride, into the realm of sexual fantasies. Let me give you a “sneak peek” at each provocative scene… to entice your interest.

1. Gimme All You Got

A gorgeous woman about to become an elected District Attorney finds her life threatened by a male intruder in a stocking mask, who sexually attacks her. (Stephanie Ann Saunders and Tony Nunes)

2. Safe Sex

Cassie Jordan and Tony Nunes in “Safe Sex.”

A happily married duo enjoy watching “porn” on the Internet in their bed, while laughingly considering a naughty variety of sexual options. (Cassie Jordan and Tony Nunes)

3. Husband Swap

Blushingly “off color!” Four friends, married couples… take a hotel suite together, for the purpose of a sexual one night only “couple switch-a-roo.” (Caroline Langford, Kelly McCracken, Stephanie Ann Saunders and Kabin Thomas)

4. Who Knows Who Cares

The most outrageously hilarious scene! A sexy and pampered woman, with a pathetically adoring French husband… invites her book club gals over for cocktails. Hubby lovingly serves food and libation to the ladies, scantily clad in humiliating, skimpy attire. (A riotous Phillipe Simon, Michelle Bernard, Laura Coker and Jenna Lee)

5. Madame 8

Saucily written and solo performed by Rachel Bailit. An explosive sex bomb “dominatrix type,” she touts the merits of a variety of available sex toys!

6. Happy Birthday

One of my favorites, with a surprise ending! A young man arranges a special birthday soirée for his pretty wife in a hotel room, to make up for cheating on her… He has devised an erotic scheme… but things are not always as they seem. (Tim Herzog, Steffinnie Phrommany and a “hunky” David Veach).

7. The Playground

An unseen, loudly expressive couple, hidden under their bed covers, engage in “Wild n’ whacky” sex… both lovin’ every moment! Very funny ending! (Toneey Acevedo and Michelle Bernard)

Between each scene, two provocative and impressive dancers, both “knock out lookers,” offer sassy dance routines with sultry skill (Tania Pearson-Loeser… also the choreographer, and Kistina Reynolds). Ryan Vig (sound engineer) expertly selected the pulsatingly fabulous song interludes, while Carrey Dunn’s erotic lighting design, set the mood throughout. Tho’ the production is still a bit rough around the edges… it is a steaming hot, “voyeuristic trip!” Do not bring along anyone who can’t handle the heat! Running Saturday nights only through April 30 at the Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. For seats, call (323) 822-7898.


Also at the Whitefire… Pedro Antonio Garcia’s controversial, highly acclaimed and “testosterone packed” drama, Firehouse (which I reviewed earlier), has extended its Friday Nights Only run through May 27. Congrats to all involved!

Back next week with two “opening night” reviews. In the meantime… savor this crisp SoCal weather!

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