I only had time for one play this weekend. It is the manic Halloween period at my shop once again…


And on Saturday night, we hauled in tons of “one-of-a-kind” costumes (…with more to come in the next 10 days!). An exhausting frenetic time for me… but profitable! The earlier in the month you come into “Hubba Hubba!” the less insane it is… I do have some “cool” stuff this year!

“Rockin’ with the Ages”

Jackie Goldberg, the Pink Lady.

Jackie Goldberg, the Pink Lady.

Directed playfully by Warren Berlinger and produced with much love by Jackie Goldberg (widely known as “The Pink Lady)… this intimate senior variety revue is a lot of fun! Singers, dancers and whacky comedians, ranging from seasoned professionals to spirited amateurs, “strut their stuff” with high-energy enthusiasm! From age 60 to well into their 80’s, this fun lovin’ cast proves the old adage… “Age is only a number!” I was “tickled pink” to hang out with the bubbly Jackie after the show! A vivacious, life-loving, positive and diminutive 77-year-old vision in pink—she is quite a gal! Her seminar series for seniors called “Get Up, Get Out, Get a Life” has been a motivating and magical force for thousands of “golden years” citizens. With a burning passion to create a blockbuster professional production, similar to Palm Springs “Follies,” this lively show is a stepping stone in her ambitious dream. With piano accompaniment by Ron Rose and the hilarious comedy of “pro” M.C. Hank Garrett linking the acts… a lovably endearing variety show unfolds. Noted sassy singing team, Irene Chapman and Barbara Haber, open the show with a parody of The Beatles’ “When I’m Sixty-Four,” with their usual lighthearted charm and vocal skills. These two veteran songbirds have been teamed up for over 30 years… and always entertain! Let me briefly introduce you to the cast: Maggie Mellin’s “My Man,” Sue Smart’s Patsy Kline country stylings, Dave Smith’s clever impersonation of both Satchmo and Carol

(L to R): The perky Irene Chapman and Barbara Haber… Best known for their long-running hit show, “Two Grandmas from Brooklyn.”

(L to R): The perky Irene Chapman and Barbara Haber… Best known for their long-running hit show, “Two Grandmas from Brooklyn.”

Channing, singing “Hello Dolly” and Madeline Nielson’s “Over the Rainbow,” for me, were highlight moments. Valorie Paradise-Lant as a “late life” stripper, and Joyce Bergloff and Vicki Burch as Victorian Vixens were a riot! The Razzmatappers and Helene Volkman (an 80-year-old “hoofer”) offerred dance routines. David Lara, (beautiful opera voice), Susan La Croix and “beauties” Klyda Hill Mahoney (Ms. Senior America, 2004) and Bernie Rosenzweig rounded out the festivities. The show finale had the cast and audience joined in a rousing sing-a-long of “God Bless America.” This inspiringly upbeat revue “rocks” NoHo through October 25th… A very cute and happy senior romp! If you’d like to catch it… call now, as it’s nearly sold out for the run of the show.

Actors Forum Theatre—10655 Magnolia Blvd. in NoHo. Call (818) 606-6679.

That Perfect Moment

At the NoHo Arts Center (back theatre). I ran into Rick Sparks on Sunday (one of L.A.’s hardest working, most creative theatrical directors…). He is currently directing the nostalgic comedy about four aging baby boomers trying to recapture their youth. Just “cooling down” from directing the hit play “Divorce the Musical” in Hollywood, this tireless guy just never slows down! I have not seen this one… but just wanted to give Rick a shout out! The hard work and dedication of all involved on L.A.’s “equity waiver” scene warrants much praise!!!

A “Tip” to my “On-the-Go” Readers

Be aware! Those sneaky photo recorded traffic violation cameras are popping up all over the place! You may “think” you got away with a driving “faux pa…” until you get a letter soon after with a photo of you in your car, in some violation of the law… and the charges have soared monumentally! I have two different friends who slid through a red light absentmindedly in two different cities recently. When the “gotcha” letter came in the mail… each of their violation fees totaled a whopping $400. Does the phrase “highway robbery” come to mind?

More chit chat to follow next week… If you need a unique costume this Halloween… stop by “Hubba Hubba!” I’ll be there amidst the rubble… no doubt “freaking out” for the next three weeks!


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