I only have one play to review for you this week… and it was a hoot!


Undeniably aimed at a liberal-minded audience, who can handle “off color,” sexually skewed humor… the audience on opening night fell apart with laughter!

Love Sucks – A Not So Romantic Comedy of Bad Manners

The cast of “Love Sucks,” from l: Daniel Ponickly (Charlie), Jeni Verdon (Woman), Michael Alperin (Harlan), Joshua Bitton (Calvin), Sadie Alexandu (Josie), Anil Kumar (Guiseppe).

This hilarious and sassy X-rated romp is beyond crude, leeringly lewd and screamingly funny! All nuns, homophobes and prudes… should avoid it like a life-threatening disease! We, on the other hand, laughed our voyeuristic heads off! As a misguided group of romantically dysfunctional “30-something” philanderers looking for love in all the wrong places… no sicko sexual stone is left unturned! Presented by “The World Famous Improvisation” and Sex and the City star Mario Cantone… (that should give you an idea of the madness…) this looney “love hungry” lark has been a work in progress. In its previous incarnation, it ran at Silverlake’s Lyric-Hyperion Theatre and in New York. Then titled Backstreets and Bathroom Stalls, it got plenty of rave reviews. Riotously written and directed by Rob Mersola, this “rocky and raunchy” rollercoaster ride is played out by an excellent and gutsy cast of attractive young actors (…many of whom you’ve seen on TV shows). It takes place on New York’s lower East side, over 48 hours, in an apartment, a bar, backseats and public bathroom stalls (cool set design by Burris Jakes). We peer into the quirky sexual perversities of six lost and lonely souls. To briefly summarize the kooky characters: Roomies Josie and Calvin… (He’s gay, she’s hot stuff!) constantly make rotten choices in their quest for true love (Joshua Bitton and Sadie Alexandru). Harlan, a hunky and heartless sexist pig, has “backseat trysts” with both of them (Michael Alperin). Charlie (Daniel Ponickly), a closeted gay stockbroker living a lie, is soon to wed a woman who has her own devious agenda (Jeni Verdon). Lastly, Giusseppi, a sexy sleaze-ball Italian gypsy… charms his way into both of the girls lives… and beds (Anil Kumar). This is a “laugh-a-minute” riot-fest, folks, performed by an explosively commendable cast, in high-energy, “tongue-in-cheek” zany performances! Kathi O’Donohue’s sultry lighting and Lorena Gomez’s bawdy costumes add much to the fun! A fiercely funny farce from start to finish… We had a great time… but again I must say… It is riotously rude and ruthlessly raunchy! If you can’t stand the heat…. stay out of the fire! Running Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through April 10th at The Coast Playhouse – 8325 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. For seats, call (866) 811-4111 or go to www.lovesucksplay.com.

On Saturday, I went to the Fountain Theatre as a guest of my friend Andrea, another theater critic. We saw Tennessee William’s last written play, A House Not Meant to Stand, compellingly directed by Simon Levy. Having not visited this long respected theatre in ages… it was a joy to be reminded of the dedicated and high quality of work always offered here. Kudos to co-artistic directors Deborah Lawlor, Stephen Sachs, and Simon Levy.

Snow in Burbank? What a treat! For about 45 minutes last Saturday in Burbank… we were blanketed in it for the first time in decades. People were outside in masses, laughingly tossing snowballs and shooting pictures… as gleeful shouts welcomed the unexpected flurries in our Magnolia Park shopping area. Fun!

Gotta go now… Time for the Academy Awards!

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