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I’ve been dealing with chiropractic issues recently, and have slowed down my pace a bit, until we get a handle on the problem. By the way, I absolutely adore the local chiropractor I’m seeing … referred to me by a dear friend! He is young, savvy, and caring … and his office is bustling with laughter and adoring patients. If you too are suffering with body issues, or just want to stay in “tip-top” shape … Dr. John Austria in North Hollywood is the man to see. Tell him I sent you!

The Katrina Comedy Fest

Photo?by Rob Florence

The cast of “The Katrina Comedy Fest.” Rear, from l, Travis Michael Holder, Deidrie Henry, Jan Munroe, and Judy Jean Burns. Front, from l, Trey Wilson and Peggy Blow.

As part of this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, this gutsy, factual, funny, and powerfully realistic play was written, inspired from true stories by Rob Florence, and directed soulfully by Misty Carlisle. It stirs up all of the emotions, memories, and outrage, shared by the world in 2006, when the devastating Katrina shocked the nation. An excellent cast of five actors, depicting a passionate and diverse cross section of “survivors” tell their stories … From the pounding moment of impact to their survival tactics, to their personal and life affirming efforts to go on with their lives … this is powerful stuff! A gut-wrenching journey into the hearts and souls of the people in New Orleans just after the devastating hurricane, this play looks at one community and their eventual hard fought survival. Abundant with facts, and intermingled with personal stories, humor, and recollections … the audience was mesmerized throughout! Powerfully opening with real footage of the Katrina disaster (video projection design by Jeff Teeter) we are then placed at “The Mother in Law Lounge.” Its owner Antoinette, a strong, “take-charge” woman, describes the horrendous devastation, and its effects on the people (a powerful performance by Deidrie Henry). Conflicting stories on the radio and in the streets, left everyone to their own defense and solutions. Flooding, fires, theft, and violence, ran rampant citywide! It became a case of “survival of the fittest.” Travis Michael Holder was as always realistically captivating, and Judy Jean Berns in multiple roles was mesmerizing. Rounding out the exceptional cast with heartfelt and focused depictions, L. Trey Wilson and Jan Munroe were also flawless. On a minimal set, the play focuses on the characters and their personal stories of hope, loss, survival, and faith in the future. This is a character driven story … celebrating the resilience of human nature, and the undeniable power of unity. Shocking, mesmerizing, and uplifting at the same time, with just enough humor weaved in … this is a worthy evening of “up close and personal” theater … Sure to satisfy your soul. Do try to catch it, but be aware … A short run, it only plays through June 30. The Lounge Theatre is located at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. For seats (only $15) go online at hollywoodfringe.org/projects/1350.

Night Hawks – Opening on June 13 at Crown City Theatre in North Hollywood.

Billed as “a provocative story about two old men caught in the crossfire of their own personal purgatory” – we meet Harry and Ray in a mysterious diner in the slums of town. Harry wants Ray’s help in killing a man … but why? With five intriguing social misfits in the play … it sounds pretty interesting. I’ll let you know … For early booking or info call (818) 605-5685 or visit crowncitytheatre.com.

Farewell for now … “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”….

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