I saw two fine productions on the weekend, as different from each other as they could possibly be. I do hope you will venture out and catch both of them.


‘ROAR’ (Rock On American Resurrection)

This is a LIVE musical retrospective in celebration of America’s journey through the decades. Conceived and performed by Davitt Felder with plenty of heart and soul, he and his rockin’ band are a powerhouse of raw talent throughout! Soulful band members include: Michael Anetsberger, Michelle Holmes, Hugh Brockington III, Corey Watkins and Noah Hernandez.

A historical journey throughout, honoring the famous musical artists, songs and songwriters who spoke their hearts and truths on the ‘60s and 70’s…you will remember most of the songs and artists featured.

An overhead screen takes us on a folk-rock journey of the beloved musical artists, music and causes that drove this controversial period in history. We view clips of major artists of the time – Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and more speaking their hearts and truths.

Directed with PULSATING PASSION by Antonia Bogdanovich, this live concert show is a winner from start to finish! KALEIDOSCOPIC KUDOS to: Zad Potter (set and light design), Joe Shea (sound design), Shane Howard (video design) and Joanne McGee (scenic painting).

This marathon of notable songs and songwriters is a fast paced, totally entertaining musical blast to the past. Do see it!

“ROAR” plays at Crown City Theatre located at 11031 Camarillo St. in North Hollywood. For tickets call (818) 605-5685 or visit CrownCityTheatre.com.       

‘Pie in the Sky’

K Callan as Mama and Laurie O’Brien as Dory in “Pie in the Sky” at The Little Victory Theatre in Burbank.
Tim Sullens.

An achingly touching, endlessly HILARIOUS two character play, this one will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart deeply… again and again!

In its world premiere performance, this little gem of a play, written beautifully by Lawrence Thelan, is loaded with laughs and abundant with heart touching moments under the SENSATIONAL and sassy direction of Maria Gobetti. Two EXCEPTIONAL actresses win our hearts and spur our laughter, repeatedly, as 85-year-old Mama and her 65-year-old daughter, Dory.

The story unfolds in their kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. Mama wakes up in the middle of the night to make an apple pie from scratch (which she actually does onstage throughout the play). K Callan as the cantankerous Mama and Laurie O’Brien as Dory, both give SPELLBINDING and award-worthy performances not soon to be forgotten! These are roles that most actresses would give their souls to portray.

In the process of preparing the pie, the two share their innermost thoughts and feelings. Serious, thought-provoking and HYSTERICAL in turns, they each reveal truths and fears in the process. This is a wonderful play that will send you home with plenty of “food for thought.”

Evan Bartoletti has designed a gorgeous set, complete with a working stove and costumer Becky Parker-Rickon nails the bedtime costumes. Carol Doehring (lighting design) and Noah Andrade (sound design/composer) perfectly set the tone.

This is a wonderful play, loaded with heart and plenty of familial interaction. Don’t miss it!

“Pie in the Sky” runs through May 21st at The Little Victory Theatre located at 3324 W Victory Blvd. in Burbank. For seats call (818) 841-5422 or visit TheVictoryTheatreCenter.org.

That’s it for me this week…two plays, both winners and both in the neighborhood. Book seats today! What are you waiting for?

In addition to writing about theatre for The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor owns Hubba Hubba! vintage clothing store in Burbank.

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