I’m Not Just A Comic Genius Resolves Conflict

Judith Gold (Michele Tannen) reacts to what her dad (Morry Schorr) has created in “I’m Not Just a Comic Genius.”

Judith Gold (Michele Tannen) reacts to what her dad (Morry Schorr) has created in “I’m Not Just a Comic Genius.”

Demonstrating that an old dog can learn new tricks, I’m Not Just a Comic Genius blends existential elements with hilarious comedic scenes to show a man reconnecting with life.

David (Morry Schorr) remains bitter and standoffish after his wife’s death. His daughter Judith (Michele Tannen) suggests he start writing again to occupy his time and keep himself entertained.

Writer Art Shulman reveals David connecting with himself and his daughter Judith through the writing process. Shulman blends hilarious segments with poignant moments to show David evolving and loosening up.

Director Rick Shaw creates a nice energy and flow between the writing segments and the imagined outcomes, keeping the show from being too episodic. The layout of the stage makes the action slightly static however.

Schorr brings just the right amount of sarcasm and resentment to David without becoming too strident. Schorr possesses a nice, easy rapport with Tannen, enhanced by her sweet, warm character.

Jerry Weil’s expressive annoyance and attitude adds some zing, particularly his spelling bee announcer oozing attitude. Karen Knotts gives her characters a slightly off-kilter but vulnerable outlook and demeanor.

Riotous comedy sequences, nice wordplay, and fine acting make I’m Not Just a Comic Genius entertaining and enlightening.

I’m Not Just a Comic Genius plays Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm, through July 27th at the Secret Rose Theatre, 11246 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. There is no performance July 4th. Tickets cost $22. Please visit www.plays411.com to purchase tickets, or buy at the door.

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