Interview with Alitzah, AKA Twinkle

Alitzah as Twinkle in “Twinkle Time.”

Alitzah as Twinkle in “Twinkle Time.”

Alitzah, aka Twinkle, is from Studio City. She created a kid show entitled “Twinkle Time.” She has recorded tunes from the show and performs all over Southern California.

CKS: Your given name is Alitzah. Is there a meaning to that name?
Twinkle: It actually means “joy.” My mom fell in love with it and, since I was the first, she gave me that name.
CKS: What language is it?
Twinkle: It’s Hebrew.
CKS: When did you become a professional singer?
Twinkle: I started singing in musical theatre from the age of seven. I did a lot of musical theatre in L.A. which led to TV and other things. I didn’t really take it seriously until high school and formed a girl’s pop group called Nobody’s Angel. We were signed to Hollywood Records in the late ‘90s and opened up for Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys. We did a lot of stuff for the Disney Channel.
CKS: When did you start your children’s show?
Twinkle: About three and a half years ago, the later part of 2006. After my singing group finished, reality struck; I needed to get a job and still be able to pursue my acting and performing career. So I started teaching little kids, from the age of two, singing and dancing. That’s when I discovered a love and passion for working with children. I noticed that there wasn’t anything cool, as well as educational. So, kind of like a dream I had, I started writing songs and from songs, the characters developed in my head, and the whole process began for “Twinkle Time.”
CKS: I understand you have a new CD out.
Twinkle: Yes, it came out November 17th.
CKS: Where is the CD available?
Twinkle: On iTunes and

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