Interview with Veronica Huston

Veronica Huston.

Veronica Huston.

Veronica Huston is a young 12-year old author from the Valley who recently graduated from Walter Reed Middle School in Toluca Lake. Her first self-published book is entitled The Magic of Fairy Falls.

CKS: When did you write your book?
VH: Mainly when I was eleven but I started it when I was in third grade.
CKS: How long did it take you to write?
VH: About two years.
CKS: What prompted you to write this book, and where did you get the idea?
VH: I got my idea when I was watching “King Kong,” as weird as that may sound, and then at this preview, it just got me going and then through the whole movie I just got ideas.
CKS: Did anything other than “King Kong” give you some ideas for some of the things that occur in this book?
VH: I think just my imagination.
CKS: For what age group is your book of interest?
VH: From nine to fourteen.
CKS: Are you working on another book at this time?
VH: Yes, it’s called The Hidden Labyrinth.
CKS: When did you begin writing that book?
VH: About six days after I graduated from sixth grade.
CKS: What are some of the kinds of books you enjoy?
VH: I enjoy fantasy, mystery, adventure, pretty much fiction.
CKS: Is the book you’re writing another fairy tale?
VH: Kind of, but it’s a little darker than the other book.
CKS: Your book, “The Magic of Fairy Falls,” did you have anything in mind when writing it to inspire other children?
VH: Yes, to inspire them to write and to read.
CKS: And the book you’re now writing, will it be similar?
VH: It’s a different character; it’s pretty much a whole different setting, though, but sort of the same feel.
CKS: I understand that you have done a lot of travelling. Does some of the travelling give you ideas and inspirations?
VH: Yes, like when we visited Montana, it kind of gave me an inspiration to have it in a wide open place and with a lot of forests and a waterfall.
CKS: How can the public get your book?
VH: It’s available at, my Web site, and at a few stores.

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